High School Wrestler Hit by Giant Light at "Madison Square Garden" Event

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 21, 2013

An event meant to captivate high school wrestling fans turned scary as a huge light fell onto one of the athletes on the mat. 

A tip of the hat to Bob's Blitz for spotting the video (skip to :58 second mark) featuring one wrestler getting pinned by the unexpected:

Michael McComish, senior wrestler for the Madison Bulldogs (SD), was competing in a match against Chamberlain Friday night at the annual "Madison Square Garden” when a huge light fell from the rafters directly on top of him.

To clear up any confusion, the event took place in Madison, South Dakota. The annual wrestling event is simply called "Madison Square Garden" and features an amazing ambiance, complete with loud music, dimmed lights and glow sticks, via Dakota Grappler message boards (h/t Deadspin). 

Fear not, because the wrestler who got a noggin full of falling light is doing just fine and needed only stitches after what looked like disaster. 

McComish tweeted some relatively good news:

Just letting everyone know I'm fine! Stitches in my head. Gash on forehead and back of me head and little cuts from the glass nothin serious

— Michael McComish (@Comish69) January 19, 2013

He then tweeted out a picture of the stitches which could have been far worse when you consider the image from the video. 

Thankfully, the athlete was able to walk away with minor injuries. 

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