NFL Draft Stock Up, Stock Down for Day 1 of Senior Bowl Practice

Michael Schottey@SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterJanuary 21, 2013

NFL Draft Stock Up, Stock Down for Day 1 of Senior Bowl Practice

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    Day 1 of the Senior Bowl is almost surreal if one hasn't been in Mobile before for the event—for players and media alike. 

    It's already a who's who kind of event with cameos by almost every general manager and most of the head coaches. Super-agents are ubiquitous and love to shake hands if they ever find time between texting on one phone, checking Twitter on another and talking in their bluetooth headset. On the first morning, everyone stumbles in together, starved of sleep and deprived of caffeine. 

    One by one, the players arrive, strip down and walk across a stage clad only in spandex in front of hundreds of NFL personnel, coaches and media members. Whispers about physiques—good and bad—trickle throughout the crowd as notes are taken and tweets are sent out. 

    2013 has brought some changes, however, as longtime NFL personnel maven Phil Savage has taken over the reins of the Senior Bowl. He's brought a personal touch to the proceedings with ideas drawn from his years on the other side of the podium. 

    In the afternoon, the players split up for the practices as the South team heads outside of town to Fairhope Stadium, while the North team sets up shop at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in downtown Mobile.

    So, which players did the most to help and hurt their stock on Day 1?

Stock Up: Tyler Wilson (QB Arkansas)

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    6021 (or, six feet, two inches and one-eighth of an inch) is a big difference from 6017. Sure it's only two eighths of an inch—hardly anything in the grand scheme of things—but in the pre-draft process, it's a miles worth of confidence between being labeled "short" (and having to constantly answer size questions) and just putting that matter behind you. 

    The only downside was that Wilson's hands came in at a (slightly) smaller than ideal size—about nine inches—that could scare off some teams that might worry about his fumbling in cold or inclement weather. 

    At practice, he had a good day throwing the ball and could establish himself as the top quarterback in Mobile.

Stock Down: John Jenkins (DT/NT Georgia)

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    "Big," "sloppy," "oh my goodness"...

    Those are just some of the words that people around me uttered as John Jenkins took to the podium. At 359, Jenkins has little (if any) visible muscle mass and looked like "just a guy" compared to other tackles with better body definition. 

    At practice, Jenkins looked the part of a viable NT, but dealt with some mental errors early on. He's a huge prospect with plenty of athleticism, but teams are already worried about his commitment. None of this helped. 

Stock Up: Arthur Brown (LB Kansas State)

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    Brown did not weigh in this morning or work out in the first practice. In fact, he won't work out at all this week as he was a late injury scratch with an undisclosed injury. 

    Yet, dutifully, he stuck around practice and listened to coaches while cheering on his defensive teammates. 

    Little things like that impress themselves upon NFL scouts and coaches. It's never a great situation to be injured, but Brown made the most of his injury and will have plenty of chances to wow athletically before the draft. 

Stock Down: Denard Robinson (WR Michigan)

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    The best way to describe Robinson's first day is with the phrase, "paralysis by analysis."

    One moment he would run a decent-looking route (at least by his standards) but fight the ball away rather than catch it. The next, he would run a sloppy route, but make a good away-from-the-body catch. In all, it's clear the tools are there, but he has to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Stock Up: Johnathan Franklin (RB UCLA)

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    Good burst, solid footwork, nice agility—Johnathan Franklin showed more than any other running back on the North team on Monday and set himself apart from a bunch of bigger names. 

    It started during agility drills where Franklin was the only back who wasn't admonished for looking down at his feet. On the first day of the Senior Bowl? Not a big deal, but it's always best to have that natural ability and vision to put your feet in the right place while looking down the field. 

    Then, he showed tremendous ability to hit the hole at full speed and break into the second level. That vision from earlier? He showed more of that too—setting up blocks and getting loose. 

Stock Down: Mike Glennon (QB NC State)

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    One throw, Glennon would make a pass that no other quarterback in Mobile could make. He showcased good velocity to outside throws and ability to drive the ball down the field.

    However, the next throw he would make such a mind-numbing mistake it would draw groans from all the scouts watching him. Open snickers are never a good sign for a quarterback. 

    It's the first day, and timing is rough, but Glennon didn't help himself in Monday's practice.

Stock Up: Marquise Goodwin (WR Texas)

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    If you're looking for a polished guy, Goodwin's stock was probably down for Monday. 

    However, Goodwin did a couple things well in his first practice. First, he showed that (on top of his tremendous speed) he could throttle down and get out of breaks cleanly. He had two or three crossing patterns that left defenders in his Olympic-class dust. He also caught the ball better than expected. 

    Is he fluid in and out of complex routes? No, he struggled there and got extra coaching because of it. As a speedster, though, he's shown he can contribute. 

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