Daniel Bryan: Why He Is the Biggest Draw of Team Hell No

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2013

photo on Flickr by simononly
photo on Flickr by simononly

Daniel Bryan has become a legitimate player in the WWE.

He and Kane have entered 2013 as the tag team champions. They look to extend their reign this Sunday when they square off against Rhodes Scholars.

The question in everyone’s minds should be the possible breakup of Team Hell No. Who is the bigger draw of Team Hell No: Daniel Bryan or Kane?

You’d think it would be Kane, considering his size and ability to move in his nearly 20-year tenure. However, Kane has been around for a while, though his knee problems have been well documented over the years.

When it comes to a long-term investment, Daniel Bryan is and should be the biggest draw of Team Hell No.

He came off a hot streak before being forced to work with Kane. Whether he chants, “Yes” or “No,” the crowd explodes when Bryan makes his way to the ring. The crowd chants, “Yes,” every time Bryan appears. The phenomenon that started at WrestleMania 28 hasn’t died down.

Add that to his wrestling, and you have a WWE Superstar for the long haul.

Bryan can wrestle any match in any setting. He thrives off straight up, wrestling clinics and makes every one of his matches exciting. From his submissions to his lethal kicks, his arsenal of moves makes Bryan a credible threat.

Bryan got the crowd invested during his WrestleMania rematch versus Sheamus at Extreme Rules. He followed that effort with arguably the match of 2012 with CM Punk at Over The Limit.

He can also wrestle in the hardcore environment. He and Punk provided a solid outing at Money In The Bank. Bryan also excelled in the TLC match against The Shield. He was the star of that match, and that night the crowd clearly supported him.

Bryan’s intensity is reminiscent of the old “Attitude” days. He brings a new level that few today possess. He doesn’t phone in any performances; he only strives to make each match better than the rest. Whether it’s tag matches or singles matches, Bryan brings that same intensity and work ethic to each of his matches.

Bryan can headline shows down the line because of those factors. People line up to see him wrestle. His merchandise sells, and you can spot fans wearing his T-shirts.

Daniel Bryan is the biggest draw of Team Hell No because of his following and his abilities in the ring. Wrestling fans are enamored with the WWE Superstar, and they will continue to follow him throughout his career.