The Rock vs CM Punk Will Break Records at the Royal Rumble

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

When the Rock and CM Punk clash at the Royal Rumble, their match will break records.

The buildup so far has been fantastic. From the verbal assaults these two unleashed on each other on the first Monday night RAW of the year to the scuffle they got in during the RAW 20th anniversary show, Punk and the Rock have done a fantastic job building up the hype for their match.

The WWE set records last year with the Rock headlining WrestleMania 28. The Royal Rumble on Sunday has the same potential.

CM Punk set his own record by holding the WWE Championship for over a year and being one of the longest reigning champions seen in recent times. Now Punk is putting his title on the line against one of the greatest to ever enter the WWE.

Their match could be a once in a lifetime event, and The Rock and Punk may never square off again.

The Rock vs. CM Punk will break box-office records at the Royal Rumble.

From the buildup to the wrestlers themselves, this match is one every WWE fan will want to see.


The Buildup

The match between Punk and The Rock has been building up in multiple ways.

The first and most obvious way concerns Punk's title reign: Will he walk away from the Rumble with the title, or will The Rock end Punk's extremely impressive run?

Fans have been looking forward to this match since The Rock announced his title shot during the 1000th episode of Raw. Add in Punk's current title reign which has been the longest seen in 25 years, and this match literally sells itself.

The anticipation for this match has also increased in the recent weeks after the latest promos the Rock and CM Punk have done.

Even their scuffle two weeks ago was a preview of what WWE fans can expect at the Royal Rumble.

Punk and the Rock have been building this match up, and both are seemingly putting everything on the line.

WWE fans will want to buy the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View just to watch the Rock vs. CM Punk.  The buildup for this match, which started during Raw's 1000th episode, is a huge reason the Rock vs. Punk will break records.


Past Success

The Rock brings ratings to the WWE. He's a big reason why WrestleMania 28 broke records, as fans all across the world watched him face John Cena. 

The Rock will help the Royal Rumble break records as well. 

The Rock vs. John Cena was a normal one-on-one match. That was enough to set records. Now, the Rock will be going against CM Punk, but this time it's for the WWE Championship. 

If a normal match with the Rock helped make WrestleMania huge, imagine what the title match between The Rock and Punk will do for the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

The match between Cena and The Rock itself was a big success. They put on a great match, and The Rock was in great shape for someone who had been out of the ring for so long.

Knowing that The Rock can still wrestle at a top level only adds to the value of his match against CM Punk.

Based on the past success that the WWE has had when The Rock headlines a PPV, the Royal Rumble should be expected to break records.


Once In a Lifetime

The match between CM Punk and The Rock may literally end up being a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

With The Rock's limited schedule, and the current plans for WrestleMania 29 pointing to a CM Punk vs. The Undertaker match, this might end up being the only time WWE fans will ever watch the Best in the World clash with the Brahma Bull. 

With The Rock vs. CM Punk potentially being a once-in-a-lifetime event, then of course PPV and attendance records have the potential to hit an all-time high.

The Rock and CM Punk did an excellent job in building the hype up around their match. With Punk being the longest-reigning champion in 25 years, and fans chomping at the bit to see if The Rock will win the title at the Royal Rumble, their match will break records on Sunday.


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