The Rock: Is the Brahma Bull's Nostalgia Act Wearing Too Thin?

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The Rock: Is the Brahma Bull's Nostalgia Act Wearing Too Thin?
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The Rock will face CM Punk this Sunday at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. It will be The Rock’s first title shot in 11 years. However, there should be a concern with The Rock’s promos.

Is The Rock’s nostalgia act wearing too thin?

Yes, The Rock’s jokes are getting stale. Calling the WWE Champion “cookie-puss” isn’t going to cut it.

In their first confrontation since the 1000th episode of Raw, The Rock resorted to his old tricks after Punk ran him down, saying his jokes won’t work on him.

So far, he’s right. After The Rock’s concert, Punk charged at him and fought all over the arena. Both men were separated at the end of the show.

Rock confronts CM Punk three weeks before the Royal Rumble.

It’s obvious The Rock’s jokes don’t work on Punk. It’s not Punk’s style to trade insults with The Rock.  This approach needs to be adjusted and changed straight away.

It’s all about delivery with insults. The Brahma Bull did some good work with Cena while remaining stern. The delivery was so great; rumors swirled of legitimate hatred between the two Superstars.

If The Rock does win the WWE Title, he’ll likely face Punk again. He can joke all he wants, but it’s time to bring his serious side again.

The Rock can be serious when needed. He pulled off being serious when he feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and even Chris Jericho. That no-nonsense attitude made The Rock just as legendary as his jokes.

In fact, his first confrontation with Punk showed a glimpse of his serious side. Just as The Rock verbally ran down Punk, he gave him a Rock Bottom. He joked around at Punk’s expense only during his concert the first night. 

His one-liners are running thin, but The Rock can bounce back to his intimidating, serious attitude. He'll need to after the verbal lashing Punk gave him Monday night and the mugging he suffered at the hand of The Shield.

With WrestleMania on the horizon, expect The Rock to show up for business. Whether he becomes the WWE Champion again or not, Sunday will be a turning point for the People’s Champion.

The Rock may not electrify with his comedy act, but his serious side can surface again and be dead on. It’s the right feud with CM Punk and the right time on the heels of WrestleMania 29. It’s time for The Rock to prove why he is The Great One again.  

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