Dolph Ziggler Ending WWE Download After 53 Episodes

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 26, 2013


Dolph Ziggler has decided to end his YouTube show, WWE Download, after one year and 53 hilarious episodes. He posted this Tweet on Sunday letting fans know.

i enjoyed writing/hosting @wwe DOWNLOAD more than anything (not a joke) LAST ONE EVER this monday!finale' suggestions?😧

— Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) January 20, 2013

Take a moment to mourn the loss of one of WWE's funniest ventures in years.

Ziggler started hosting Download last year after WWE expanded their YouTube presence to have more exclusive shows.

This came on the heels of Zack Ryder making himself famous with Z! True Long Island Story and other WWE superstars getting in on the YouTube fun like Santino and Road Dogg.

Ziggler's show was a little different than the rest of the WWE exclusive shows because his did not have a lot to do with wrestling.

He ran it like a Tosh.0 or The Soup episode. He would show various clips from the Internet and then make jokes about them as well as other pop-culture references.

He would usually show one wrestling-related clip each week which showed one of his coworkers in a less-than-flattering situation.

John Cena has been the butt of these jokes more than anyone.

This past week was no exception as we were treated to an odd video starring a very familiar face in a pink leotard doing a dance that can only be described as Elaine-esque.

During the clip, Ziggler ripped into Cena for running funny, making bad jokes, having a huge head, having only five moves and not being as good in the ring. It was all in jest, but they still seem like legit complaints some fans have about Cena.

While adding yet another clip show to the world might not have seemed like a good idea at the time, this was something Ziggler needed.

This show allowed Ziggler to show his more fun-loving side and make fun of celebrities, other wrestlers and make obscure references to things you may or may not get.

The best part about the show was that it was highly entertaining for adults. WWE is a PG product, but Ziggler was given some freedom to make some TV-14 level jokes, including one about an adult dating website in the newest episode.

The final episode will go on YouTube on Monday.

Is this really the end?

Ziggler's show will be missed by WWE fans, as it seemed like one of the few things you had to have some level of intelligence to actually understand all of the jokes.

Watch the included videos of the first and most recent episodes and go to WWE's YouTube channel and check out more episodes of Ziggler's WWE Download.

If you have never seen the show, I can guarantee you will come away from watching it with a greater appreciation for just how great Dolph Ziggler really is.

If he ever turns babyface, he just needs to act like this and the fans will love him. Since the final episode is slated for the day after the Royal Rumble, we have to wonder if Ziggler will be celebrating anything following the Royal Rumble.


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