The Cutest Field Stormings Ever

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIJanuary 24, 2013

The Cutest Field Stormings Ever

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    They're small and furry (or scaly, or feathered) and, for the most part, non-threatening, unlike the grown men and women who sometimes produce similar antics. 

    When animals storm the field/ice/pitch/court during a game, the camera crews don't immediately cut away from the action. They revel in it. Why wouldn't they? It's cute!

    And plus, seeing the players attempt to combat animals gone wild makes for some of the best TV of any given year. These guys may be athletic, but you wouldn't know it from watching them try to catch a loose pig. 

    Here's a look at some of the most adorable (or hilarious) field stormings ever. 

Baboon Tramples Green at Nedbank Golf Challenge

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    During the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa last year, cameras picked up a bunch of baboons just hanging out near the course, eating grass and whatnot. 

    It was all fun and games until one of them went rogue, and cut cross the green—"No respect," one of the commentators joked—stole some food, then climbed into the cart to eat it. 

    At least it didn't interrupt play or trample the line of anyone's putt. Those baboons had some golf etiquette, at least. I knew they were smart. 

Two Dogs Storm Pitch at Galatasaray-VFR Aalen Friendly

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    Here are a couple of the more recent furry friends to get in on the athletic action. 

    During a friendly between Galatasaray and VFR Aalen, two Golden Retrievers stormed the pitch mid-match, one of them frolicking about with a bag hanging from its mouth. The players couldn't help but stop to pet them and were devastated when the dogs were removed and it was time to play again. 

    In any case, it was a welcome interruption. How could it not be? They were adorable. 

Shark Falls from Sky onto Golf Course

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    Perhaps this one delves more into the terrifying territory rather than the cute territory. 

    Sadly, it doesn't come with a video component, but it had to be included purely because it is possibly the most bizarre course-storming ever. 

    Earlier this year, at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in California, a two-foot live shark dropped from the sky and landed near the course's 12th tee box, according to the Mother Nature Network. One fast-acting course attendant rushed to the shark's aide, removed it from the course and kept it in a bucket of salt water until it could be returned to its rightful home in the ocean. 

    According to the site, the shark was most likely dropped onto the course by a bird who planned to eat it but just couldn't hold on long enough. 

    Sharks falling from the sky? Definitely not something you expect to see when you head out to play a quick nine on a nice fall day. 

Pig Gets Loose on Field During Baseball Game

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    Several years ago, during a baseball game in Mexico, an unlikely visitor appeared on the field to bring some much-needed excitement to the game. 

    A pig somehow got loose in the outfield, but that wasn't the best part of this field storming. The best part was watching several grown adults dressed as team mascots attempt to corral the pig, which wasn't an easy task. Finally, the chicken mascot had the brilliant idea to viciously chuck his chicken head at the pig (which is honestly kind of sad to watch), then managed to fall on it and capture it. 

    If a giant chicken was chasing me, I'd run, too. 

Manu Ginobili Takes on a Bat

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    This is definitely one of my favorite stormings ever, even though the perpetrator may not be all that cute. 

    In the first quarter of a game between the Spurs and the Kings back in 2009, a bat got into the arena and began flying dangerously close to the court. The team mascot, armed with a net, couldn't catch it, so instead of waiting for Animal Control to deal with it, Manu Ginobili took things into his own hands. He leaped into the air and swatted that bat with all his might, bringing it down so the game could resume. Afterward, he calmly plucked it from the ground and handed it to security. 

    And then he got a rabies shot. Hopefully. 

St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel

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    This squirrel picked the wrong time to interrupt the action. Or maybe he picked the perfect time. 

    In Game 4 of the 2011 NLDS between the Cardinals and the Phillies, the Cards really needed a spark, and they got it in the form of the Rally Squirrel, who darted across home plate, interrupting the batter's swing. 

    After the pitcher astutely pointed out that there was, indeed, wildlife on the field, the game endured only a brief interruption, but make no mistake: A star was born.  

Teddy Bear Toss

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    Never before have we seen thousands and thousands of bears take over the ice in the middle of a hockey game. Fortunately, there were no injuries. 

    Possibly because the bears were stuffed. 

    In a 2010 Calgary Hitmen game, fans tossed over 23,000 teddy bears onto the ice as part of the annual Teddy Bear Toss, benefiting over 50 charities in Alberta, according to Yahoo! Sports. After the first goal was scored, fans tossed their bears toward the ice, creating an avalanche of stuffed goodness. Then the next day, the bears were collected and delivered by the players to the Alberta Children's Hospital. 

    Ice-storming for a good cause. It doesn't get any better. 

Silver Fox Streaks Across Field During High School Football Game

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    The silver fox made a special appearance at an SMU football game in 2011. 

    No, not that silver fox. A real one. 

    The animal helped Southlake Carroll quarterback Kenny Hill celebrate his winning touchdown by streaking across the field during the Class 5A Division I state semifinals, according to The Dallas Morning News. The Dragons earned a trip to the state championship, but perhaps they had a furry friend and new mascot to thank for distracting the other team. 

    And the fox was gone as soon as it had appeared, quietly exiting the stadium while the players celebrated their good fortune. 

Skunk Interrupts High School Football Game

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    Perhaps this visitor wasn't quite as welcome as some of the others on this list. Nobody wants to get close to a skunk. 

    During a high school football game between Booneville and Baldwyn in Mississippi last summer, a skunk ceremoniously appeared on the field in the midst of the game, clearing every player, official and cheerleader in its path before disappearing under the bleachers.

    And apparently, the skunk provided a spark for Booneville, which—after encountering the skunk—came back from a 27-7 deficit to win. 

A-Rod Strikes Out Because of a Squirrel

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    Here, we have another squirrel storming. These little critters are quite popular when it comes to finding ways to successfully interrupt MLB games. 

    During a Twins-Yankees matchup at Target Field in 2010, a squirrel got onto the field and made a beeline for third baseman Brendan Harris before bypassing him for the comfort of shelter under the outfield wall. But nevertheless, he reappeared again, taking a jaunt around the warning track as play resumed and providing a spark for the Twins and their fans. 

    Apparently, A-Rod was so distracted by the furry creature that he struck out. Score one for the squirrel and the Twins. 

Police Dog Interrupts Soccer Match

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    Sometimes, police dogs have bigger and better things to do instead of leading drug busts and whatnot. Sometimes, they just have to take the results of soccer matches into their own hands. 

    Such was the case 2011, when a police dog just couldn't resist during a match between Ituiutaba and Uberlandia. He darted onto the field and attempted to steal the ball, to the crowd's immense pleasure. 

    And then it was over as soon as it begun, as the official in charge of the animal calmly corralled his assistant and removed him from the field. 

Seagulls Storm the Race Track

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    Now here is something you don't see every day. 

    Racehorses are powerful animals, but they are defenseless when faced with a swarm of 5,000 seagulls. Aren't we all? 

    In the midst of a race in Victoria, Australia, the horses were about to embark on the final turn when a swarm of "thousands and thousands" of seagulls went on the offensive, taking over the track. 

    According to the Discovery Channel, rough waters forced gulls out of the bay and onto the track—just 400 yards from the finish line. With the horses at full gallop, the track tenants couldn't do anything to stop the madness and could only look on in horror. 

Black Bear Interrupts U.S. Senior Open

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    Maybe this one isn't as amusing because it was a real bear instead of a stuffed one.
    In 2008, during the U.S. Senior Open in Colorado Springs, a black bear cut across the 13th fairway during the tournament's second round, but it exited the course of its own accord through a drainage pipe and nobody was harmed. 

    Still, the players were a bit spooked by its cameo—and, in some cases, amused. 

    After the strange interruption, then-leader Fred Funk told the Associated Press, “[Jack] Nicklaus isn’t here, so I guess that’s a substitute."

Dog Poops on Baseball Field

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    The Northwest Arkansas Naturals minor league baseball team had a nice tradition. In 2010, it ran a promotion called the "Iams Adoptable Pet of the Game," in which it would feature a shelter pet in the hopes that someone in the stands would be compelled to rescue it.

    After this stint, it's safe to say that Mona the beagle generated plenty of interest. 

    Mona escaped onto the field during the game, and while it was amusing to see team officials, players and mascots attempt to corral her, it was more amusing to see her squat in the outfield to take a poop. 

    Apparently, Mona didn't have much respect for the sanctity of baseball. 

Kangaroo Escapes onto Racetrack at Bathurst 1000

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    Most people have never seen a kangaroo in their lives. In this case, a few race car drivers got to see one up close and personal. 

    In 2007, during the Bathurst 1000 in New South Wales, a kangaroo somehow escaped onto the racetrack, planting itself directly in the path of a bunch of the cars for about 100 yards, according to the Daily Mail. Apparently, according to the newspaper, it's not uncommon for kangaroos to get in the way of traffic because they are easily startled by engine noise. 

    The good news is, the kangaroo wasn't hurt—and that, my friends, is a miracle. It was like Mario Kart come to life, and somehow, nothing bad happened. 

Seagull Steals Steve Lowery's Ball

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    More seagulls! This time, they attacked a golf course, not a horse racing track. 

    Or perhaps attack isn't the right word. Suffice to say this particular seagull existed to torture Steve Lowery. 

    On the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass during The Players Championship in 1998, Lowery had just hit onto the island green when his ball was pilfered by a seagull. The bird removed the ball from the green and deposited it into the water. 

    Fortunately for Lowery, he was allowed to replace his ball without suffering a penalty. 

Skunk Terrorizes Frontier League Game

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    One thing is for certain: When a skunk appears on the field, you're not amused. It's not a dog or a squirrel. It's not funny. When you see a skunk, you run. 

    Player Joey Metropoulos understood that, which is why, in 2009, he promptly went in the opposite direction when a skunk suddenly appeared in the outfield during the ninth inning of a tied Frontier League game between Lake Erie and Southern Illinois in Marion, Ill. 

    The skunk wandered the outfield looking for an exit for several minutes before finally escaping under the left center field gate, drawing a huge ovation from the crowd. 

    The commentator put it best when he said, "So, this is happening right now."

Bugs Interrupt 2006 ALDS

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    Everyone remembers this one. Perhaps it falls more on the side of disgusting than adorable, but it is hilarious nonetheless. 

    Rarely are baseball games interrupted by swarms of bugs, but in October 2007, the bugs won. In Game 2 of the ALDS between the Indians and the Yankees, the players repeatedly had to endure stoppages in play because the bugs were such a problem that they practically had to bathe in bug spray. 

    Apparently, humans aren't the only ones who can't stand the Yankees. 

Cat Stops Royals-Mariners Game

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    Dogs aren't the only furry friends that enjoy interrupting a baseball game here and there. Cats want to get in on the action, too. 

    In 2009, during the fifth inning of a game between the Royals and the Mariners, a cat escaped onto the field at Kauffman Stadium, darting around the home plate area in terror. 

    Cats may be smaller than dogs, but they're scarier. You never know when they're going to scratch you or bite you or gauge your eyes out, and as a result, you're a bit more hesitant to approach them and attempt to corral them. Fortunately for those tasked with the job at this game, the cat found its own way out of the stadium. 

    Watching a bunch of grown men halfheartedly and fearfully attempt to catch a cat, however, is something you don't want to miss. 

Rabbit Makes Minor League Players Cower in Fear

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    We have had squirrels, dogs and cats, and now, we have bunnies. 

    A baseball stadium is safe from no creature of the wild. 

    In May 2010, during a game between the Cardinals' Single-A affiliate and the Twins' affiliate, a rabbit got loose on the third baseline and interrupted play for about three minutes. The rabbit frantically sought a way out of the stadium, and probably because it was unclear whether the rabbit had rabies or not, none of the players or umpires attempted to catch it. 

    Of course, the interns were the ones handed the unfortunate task of catching the animal, but instead, they chased it further into the outfield before one courageous pitcher finally scared it out of the stadium under the left field fence.