Debate: Can Joe Flacco Finally Be Considered an Elite QB?

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Debate: Can Joe Flacco Finally Be Considered an Elite QB?
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After yesterday's epic victory over New England, can Joe Flacco finally be considered an elite QB? 


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I'd take a "winner" over an "elite" any day. He may not be putting up season "elite" numbers, but he has it where it counts. He is seasoned and weathe...
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Flacco is probably one win away from being considered elite, but he's a hell of a lot closer than he was. In the span of three weeks, he beat two fir...
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From the stats. Yes. His playoff numbers are with the best. As a fan, he has one more job to take care of. And that's bringing another Lombardi trophy...
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Best deep ball qb in the nfl, heading to the superbowl on a perfect post season against the twp best teams in the nfl. Incredibly poised and calm in t...
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Does God exist? Is Flacco God? Can you in fact spell "elite" without Eli? More meaningless questions and worthless debates brought to you by BR
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He's a franchise quarterback and needs to win a Super Bowl this year and just have a good year next year not meaning another Super Bowl but have a goo...
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