WWE Royal Rumble 2013: The Undertaker and the Royal Rumble's Poorest Sports

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: The Undertaker and the Royal Rumble's Poorest Sports

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    The Royal Rumble has housed well over 700 wrestlers. With only one winner each year, the event has seen its share of losers, too.

    Most superstars lose gracefully, simply retreating to the backstage area and into oblivion. Others cannot handle the agony of defeat and seek vengeance immediately. 

    Poor sports in the Royal Rumble are usually eliminated and, in turn, retaliate. Many poor sports in the Royal Rumble are some of the bigger stars in the WWE, as they are able to maintain heat instead of unceremoniously being sent to the locker room with the droves of losers. 

5. Triple H Attacks Steve Austin, Austin Wins the Royal Rumble

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    Triple H wasn't even entered in the 2001 Royal Rumble. He instead received a WWE championship match against Kurt Angle. Triple H lost that match following outside interference from Steve Austin.

    Triple H waited for his opportunity. He attacked Austin as he was headed to the ring, bloodying the Rattlesnake. The Game's revenge was a classic heel move, immediately putting the hero at a disadvantage. 

    Austin would go on to recover and win the Royal Rumble in a well-booked story of adversity. 

4. Kurt Angle Eliminates Shawn Michaels

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    Kurt Angle was eliminated by Shawn Michaels in the 2005 Royal Rumble. Angle returned to the match angrily and returned the favor as he eliminated the two-time Royal Rumble winner. 

    This set the stage for one of the best feuds of the year, and a WrestleMania match that lived well past its hype.  

3. Hulk Hogan Eliminates Sid, Helps Flair Win WWF Championship

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    Given the heel nature of a poor sport, it's somewhat surprising to see Hulk Hogan (circa 1990) appear on this list. 

    Hogan was eliminated in the 1993 Royal Rumble by Sid Justice. Hogan would remain around the ring long enough to ensure that Sid did not win the match, though. Hogan teamed up with Ric Flair to eliminate Sid.

    The scene has achieved some measure of fame since it was the finish to the first and only Royal Rumble contested for the WWF championship. 

2. Bad News Brown Takes out Rowdy Roddy Piper

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    Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown brawled through the 1990 Royal Rumble. The brawl really picked up after Brown was backdropped outside of the ring by Piper.

    Brown quickly reentered the ring and dumped Piper over the top rope, leading to a pull-apart brawl that raged towards the backstage area. 

1. Maven Shocks the Undertaker, Pays the Price

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    The most shocking elimination in Royal Rumble history occurred in 2002. Then an upstart WWE superstar, Maven eliminated The Undertaker with a drop kick heard round the world.

    The Undertaker claimed his revenge immediately after, pummeling Maven into submission. While Maven was never technically eliminated from the Royal Rumble, he was in no shape to continue.