Cost-Effective Moves the Kansas City Chiefs Can Make This Offseason

Tylor@@getwhithamContributor IIIOctober 10, 2016

Cost-Effective Moves the Kansas City Chiefs Can Make This Offseason

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    Are the Kansas City Chiefs ready to break the bank this offseason? The fact that a new coach and GM were brought in would seem to mean quite a bit of turnover. This will likely mean some new free agents.

    The Chiefs are a 2-14 team, though, so they can't afford to break the bank to fill each hole. Luckily for Kansas City, there are cost effective measures it can take in order to fill some of its holes, so that it can chase the top-tier free agents—Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Aqib Talib, etc—that it really needs and that fans will want.

4. Acquire a Cover Safety and Move Eric Berry to Inside Linebacker in Nickel

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    The Chiefs are in need of both safety depth and an inside linebacker (to replace Jovan Belcher this offseason). Rather than wasting a draft pick on both positions, or signing expensive free agents, they could fill the void partially from within.

    Start with Brandon Siler, who is a capable two-down linebacker. Siler is weak in coverage but strong against the run and not very expensive.

    Next consider the way the NFL is going. Teams are playing out of their nickel package more and more as spread offenses become more common. In situations like these, Siler is a major liability.

    Eric Berry is also inconsistent as a cover safety but great against the run. Berry does possess good cover skills for the linebacker position, though.

    If the Chiefs were to move Berry down to inside linebacker on passing downs, they would eliminate their need for a starting linebacker. They would need another safety to cover on those downs, but this was already a need.

    It could be easily filled by drafting a safety (Eric Reid of LSU, Matt Elam of Florida or someone like TJ McDonald from USC later in the draft) or by signing a veteran safety like Nate Clements from the Bengals.

3. Sign Delanie Walker

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    The tight end position was rough for the Chiefs this year, and worst of all, they did not even get good blocking from it.

    Enter Delanie Walker.

    Walker has been in the shadow of Vernon Davis for a while but has been an integral part of the San Francisco 49ers teams. He has not put up the huge stats that will make him pricey either. The current 49er is a great run-blocker, and even possesses the open field speed to be a receiving threat. He even lines up at fullback sometimes, so his versatility could fill that need for the Chiefs as well.

    He's a sleeper in this free-agent class.

2. Bring in Richard Seymour

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    Yes, Scott Pioli is gone, but one more ex-Patriot could not hurt. Especially when it is someone like Richard Seymour.

    He is a big name, but he has been under the radar in Oakland the past few years and is getting older. The glut of defensive line talent in this year's draft could lower his price tag as well.

    In return for a modest short-term investment, the Chiefs could find themselves a lineman who has played in their system, and more importantly could provide a pass rush outside of Justin Houston and Tamba Hali

1. Sign Matt Moore to Compete for the Starting Quarterback Job

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    Many Chiefs fans are clamoring for the team to acquire Alex Smith or Matt Flynn this offseason. Those quarterbacks likely would cost a mid-round pick the Chiefs cannot afford to give up.

    Flynn has really only emerged for one game of his entire NFL career. Smith was a failed top pick until Jim Harbaugh made his way to San Francisco. Are either of them better than Matt Moore?

    Make no mistake, Matt Moore is not a Pro Bowl quarterback, or the long-term solution at the position for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has provided steady and capable production over the last four seasons despite playing with subpar talent.

    Moore has 30 touchdown passes and 21 interceptions during the past four seasons. Take out his time playing for a Carolina Panthers team destined for the first pick and he had 25 touchdowns to 11 interceptions during that period.

    Is he the future? No. Matt Moore could lead the Chiefs to the playoffs while their young quarterback develops, though.