WWE's Team Hell No Should Not Split Up Anytime Soon

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Kane and Daniel Bryan are riding high as WWE Tag Team Champions.  Week in and week out, Team Hell No is providing arguably the most entertaining moments on WWE programming, as they struggle to coexist and deal with their anger issues.  These two are great together.  So why would any fan want them to split up?

I hear the online chatter, I see the comments made on various websites, and it seems to be growing more and more all the time.  For some reason, a portion of the audience would love nothing more than to see Team Hell No go their separate ways and for Kane to get another shot at championship gold.


The issue for me is that, like with so many other WWE topics, there is a lot of amateur booking going on here.  Some fans are unable to imagine the implosion of Team Hell No, but they can speculate on the future of both superstars months down the road.

And that‘s okay.

The fact is, we all do that, don’t we?  Casual viewers may not care all that much, but they’re just tuning in to see what’s happening.  There is very little emotional investment, if any, to the WWE product.  But for the rest of us?

We are the fans.  Resistance is futile.

Lame Star Trek: Next Generation reference aside, the fact is, there is some fun in predicting what will happen with a guy’s career in WWE.  Who he will face?  How high up the ladder could he go?  Where will he ultimately end up from one pay-per-view to the next?

Again, we’re fans—we do it all the time.

So while I understand where the notion of Kane and Bryan’s tag team breaking down is coming from and that fans just want to know what will happen next, I can’t help but wonder. I wonder if the same crowd who wants to see Team Hell No break up are the same ones who have enjoyed their work together thus far.

And, I wonder if the fans who want to think that Daniel Bryan is holding The Big Red Machine back and want to see Kane climb that ladder once again are the same ones who complained about him before Team Hell No began.

Of course we cannot forget about Bryan, who was going nowhere fast before his alliance with Kane started.  With the monster by his side, Bryan’s WWE career is finally on the right track.  Why spoil that now?

The truth is that Bryan and Kane are comedy gold together.  As much as I enjoy their work individually, right now they are so much better and much more relevant as a duo.  

From their beginning in anger management classes with Dr. Shelby, to the many backstage spots to right now, the Team Hell No gimmick has evolved and gotten over in a big way.

Now, instead of these guys being one second away from tearing each other apart, Team Hell No is finally on the same page.  They are cooperating, focused on the common goal of defeating every team placed in their path.

Well, at least for the next 10 minutes.  Until one of them ticks off the other one.

The point is that we have a very funny, very entertaining gimmick on our hands here.  We, as fans, often complain that there are not enough original ideas and not enough creative storylines coming out of WWE, and then when we get one, we almost immediately start talking about how it should end.

This is WWE at its best.  The pairing of Kane and Daniel Bryan should have never worked, mostly because they are so incredibly different.  But someone in the company recognized these two for their sense of humor and believed that they could make it work.

Vince McMahon has hit a home run with this one, and he would be foolish to let it go now.

Team Hell No is an extremely entertaining tandem.  They are two Superstars who understand their characters and have gelled perfectly together.  They are over with the crowd, and everything they do just works. It’s that simple.  The team will obviously not last forever, but for me, a split at this point would not only be a premature move but a big mistake as well.

And if you are upset at that sentiment, so outraged that you cannot control your anger, I encourage you to seek help.  I know a guy.