Who Wins from Maloofs' Deal with Seattle's Chris Hansen for Kings?

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Who Wins from Maloofs' Deal with Seattle's Chris Hansen for Kings?
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The deal to sell the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle group, led by investor Chris Hansen, has finally been signed, and will go through pending approval from the NBA Board of Governors.

This is a heartbreaking story to the folks of Sacramento, but even the people of Seattle, who went through a similar situation just over five years ago, have to have to be excited about this latest development.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson did his best to put together a comparable deal to keep the franchise in California's capital, but ended up falling short.

The Seattle group will be purchasing a 65 percent controlling stake in the team, meaning the Maloofs will be able to keep a chunk of the team for themselves going into the future.

It's obvious here that the people of Sacramento are the losers in the sale, and the city comes in a close second. But that's the evident half of the transaction. Who wins from the sale is an entirely different matter.

The Maloofs 

If it weren't for Donald Sterling, the Maloofs would be unrivaled as the worst owners in the NBA. Lucky for them, they've finally rid themselves of that title, all while keeping a portion of the team.
They get a big hunk of money to play with, plus they get to continue to call themselves owners of a professional basketball team.
Of course, the most impressive part of the deal is that the Maloofs will end up with money even if the NBA ends up rejecting the sale of the team.


How great is it for the NBA that the Maloofs are (somewhat) gone? That's all that really needed to happen from this deal. And, even though it's doing it at the betrayal of Sacramento, the league gets to put on the façade that they've done something for the city of Seattle.

Even still, it's hard to see this as anything much more than a lateral move for the league. The team is moving to a bigger market, but it's one that lost a team before for similar reasons.

At the very least, the NBA has gained a forced (albeit interesting) rivalry between the new Seattle Supersonics and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

David Stern

Let's call it a win-lose situation for David Stern. Sure, the people of Sacramento are going to hate him, but at least he comes through on his promise to bring a team back to Seattle.

Whether or not the move works out is for the future to decide, but for now it looks like the commissioner's not impeded the progress of the league, and even gave Sacramento a chance to keep its team (if they could have come up with the money).


Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

C'mon now guys, how complex is this one? Seattle gets the team they've been begging for ever since the Supersonics were stolen away from them back in 2008.

It's a bit of a conflict of conscious for the obvious stated reasons, but the fans will get over that and get to complaining about DeMarcus Cousins' attitude quickly enough.

Even better, the news coming out about who is going to be a part of Seattle's new front office should thrill every single basketball fan in Washington.

And that, most certainly, can only serve to be a positive for the franchise.

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