Oklahoma State Football: Predicting Which Cowboys Have the Most Potential

Ricky FrechCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2017

Oklahoma State Football: Predicting Which Cowboys Have the Most Potential

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    With the National Football League's Conference Championships on television today, the NFL is currently on the brain and that leads to thoughts of which Oklahoma State players can make a case for their NFL potential with a huge performance this coming season.

    Obviously, there are a lot of Cowboys, especially at the skill positions, that could make a case for having NFL-ready talent.

    However, the following five have the best chance of finding themselves on an NFL roster sometime after the 2013 season.

Justin Gilbert

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    Justin Gilbert isn't going to make an NFL roster just because he's a great cornerback. Rather, he will be on a team in 2013 in large partdue of his elite skills as a returner.

    As seen in this video, he's electric with the ball in his hand, runs a 4.32 40-yard dash and has a chance to put points on the board every time he touches the ball.

    In addition, he does have some ability as a cornerback and could fit into a nickel scheme after a few years development in the NFL.

Daytawion Lowe

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    Unlike Gilbert, Daytawion Lowe has the potential (scroll down to see Lowe) to see playing time at his position early on in his NFL career.

    Lowe's lead the team in tackles for each of the past two seasons and has shown play-making skills all over the field.

    If he can continue to improve in coverage, Lowe could become a second or third-round choice in 2014 or 2015.

Jeremy Smith

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    Jeremy Smith has a good chance at making it onto an NFL roster for multiple reasons.

    The first (and probably most important) is that he's a downhill runner who uses his power to pick up tough yards.

    This is important as NFL team's move to a committee approach at running back. If a team can pair a bruiser like Smith with someone electric like Jacquizz Rodgers, they could have a good combo.

    Another reason is Smith's work ethic.

    This past offseason, he shed weight (to under 210) to try and become a more complete back, while also working on his pass-catching ability to try to help out Oklahoma State's offense.

    Look for Smith to be a Day 2 choice, that finds a spot on an NFL roster for quite awhile due to his power and nose for the end zone.

Shaun Lewis

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    Shaun Lewis has been a beast from day one for Oklahoma State. The young linebacker garnered first team freshman All-American and Big 12 co-defensive Freshman of the Year honors in 2010, and hasn't really looked back.

    Lewis has been a steady presence on the Cowboys' defense for three years now and has begun to mature into a natural leader on the football field.

    In addition to his solid intangibles, the kid can flat out play.

    His athleticism jumps off the field, but his knack for making the big play is what's going to see him find a place on an NFL roster. 

Josh Stewart

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    As a slot receiver, Josh Stewart has basically everything you'd want.

    Stewart ended this season with 101 catches for 1,210 yards and seven scores, including 469 and four touchdowns in his final four regular season games. 

    He posted those big time numbers by running crisp routes, having excellent hands and being adept at picking up yards after the catch.

    It also helps that he's the leading receiver for one of (if not the) best offense in the NCAA.

    It's unlikely that Stewart will get drafted in the first round but, much like Randall Cobb, he could have a huge impact in a reserve role on an NFL squad.