2013 College Football Recruits Who May Surprise Us on National Signing Day

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 20, 2013

2013 College Football Recruits Who May Surprise Us on National Signing Day

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    National signing day (Feb. 6) is coming upon us pretty quickly, and it's the biggest day of the recruiting year. One of the greatest aspects of the day is that it is always full of surprises. Recruits have made some stunning decisions on the first Wednesday in February.

    Last year it was surprises like Kwon Alexander heading to LSU, and everyone remembers Lorenzo Booker committing to Notre Dame but then choosing to go to Florida State on signing day.

    This year will be no different, as the day is poised to be full of surprises. For this read, let's take a look at some top recruits who could shock us the most on the cycle's biggest day. These recruits have big decisions to make, and while we think they could be leaning one way, they could choose to astonish us with their final decisions.

Eddie Vanderdoes, DT

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    Eddie Vanderdoes has his choices of USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, UCLA and Washington, and right now I think all five schools are even.

    A realistic surprise could be that Vanderdoes opts for the Bruins or Huskies. UCLA has really made an impression, and by now you should know what Tosh Lupoi can do as a recruiter for Washington.

    This race could actually extend past signing day too.

Montravius Adams, DT

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    Montravius Adams, the big 6'3", 310-pound DT, will likely settle on a school in the South, as Clemson, Alabama, Florida, Auburn and Georgia are schools in the mix.

    Quite frankly, Adams doesn't appear to be leaning too hard toward any school, so when he makes his choice, it's going to be a surprise to many people. I've seen predictions to Clemson, Florida, Georgia and Alabama, while Auburn isn't out of it either.

    Once he makes a decision, the real story on Adams is going to be exactly why he chose the particular school.

Robert Foster, WR

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    Remember when Torshiro Davis made a very abrupt change to Texas last year after being committed to LSU for such a long time? Well, Robert Foster hasn't been committed to Alabama as long as Davis was to LSU, but there still may be a chance for a change.

    Pitt fans are still holding out hope that Paul Chryst and his staff can convince Foster to stay home and be a Panther. A homebody type of guy, Foster could get cold feet on signing day and choose to stick around the Steel City.

Reuben Foster, LB

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    Reuben Foster may very well choose to wait past signing day to sign with a school. He could also surprise many people by signing with Alabama, opting to go to Washington or choosing dark horse LSU.

    Whatever Foster decides to do will probably shock people. He's surprised several times already by flipping to Auburn from 'Bama, adding U-Dub to his list and not being committed to Georgia by now.

Mackensie Alexander, CB

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    This recruitment has been very clandestine and screams "surprise on signing day." Mackensie Alexander has had several different schools as his "leader," and when he makes his choice, many of us will be stunned.

    Predicting where he is going is almost useless, because Alexander has a wealth of schools he is considering. Believe none of what you read surrounding Alexander; things with him are only going to be official when the school he chooses receives his signed letter of intent.

Carl Lawson, DE

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    Carl Lawson is committed to Auburn right now, but he could be another candidate to shock us on national signing day.

    From choosing to go to Tennessee to heading to Clemson, playing at North Carolina or simply staying at Auburn, each decision has a serious amount of "surprise" to it.

    North Carolina would be a surprise because it doesn't have the "status" in football that the other schools have. It would be very ironic for Clemson to have lost Robert Nkemdiche but gotten Carl Lawson.

    Tennessee would be a surprise because Butch Jones hasn't been at the helm for too long, and Lawson has been looking around as if he is not committed to Auburn, which could surprise us if he stayed a Tiger.

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