Liverpool FC: Ten Videos of Defining Moments of Luis Suarez's Career in Red

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIJanuary 20, 2013

Liverpool FC: Ten Videos of Defining Moments of Luis Suarez's Career in Red

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    Luis Suarez has become as famous for the speculation as he has for the spectacular during his time in England—the Liverpool star is never more than ninety minutes away from the headlines. The Uruguayan is truly unique in every aspect of his public life, on the pitch he's silky, but unfortunately far from smooth.

    Suarez is a media favourite, and here are 10 of his career defining moments that publicists around the world were more than happy to sink their teeth into since his move to Liverpool in January 2011, in chronological order.

Debut and First Goal vs Stoke

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    Luis Suarez arrived at Anfield alongside Andy Carroll in January 2011.

    His first game was to be against Stoke at home, and coming on as a substitute, Suarez rounded the goalkeeper and scored his first goal in red in front of the Kop. It was then that the Anfield faithful realised that they had signed a top quality number seven, and it was also then that Suarez's magical Liverpool career to date kicked off in style.

Electrifying Performance Against Manchester United

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    Liverpool dispatched Manchester United and though Dirk Kuyt scored a hat-trick, Luis Suarez was man of the match.

    That's how well Suarez played at Anfield that day. He was an absolute nightmare for the United defence, who couldn't handle his turns or creativity. His stunning free-kick allowed Dirk Kuyt to tap home and he created the first goal out of nothing.

    The piece of skill embedded in the video lead to the first goal and is regarded by many as one of the great pieces of skill of the 2010/11 season.

Another Solid Performance vs Sunderland

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    ... and what a great goal, too.

    Suarez proved that his performances would be consistently brilliant with another fantastic outing away from home at Sunderland.

    The goal is sublime, the angle was against him and the accuracy was phenomenal. It was another early taste of the brilliant side of Luis Suarez.

The Eight Match Ban for Alleged Racism

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    During Liverpool's home tie against Manchester United in late 2011, Luis Suarez was accused of racially abusing United skipper Patrice Evra. There have been many heated debates as to whether Suarez actually is a racist, but whatever the stance you may hold is, Suarez made life difficult for himself when he referred to Evra as a "negrito".

    It was a major blunder as far as Suarez was confirmed, and it forced Liverpool as a club into a sticky situation whereby they would have to choose between guarding their star player, or respecting the FA's decision.

    Since that day, Suarez has been booed without exception at every away ground, and he lost the respect of thousands of football fans worldwide.

The Rejection of Evra's Handshake

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    Suarez made life even harder for himself when Liverpool faced Manchester United at Old Trafford in the fixture that the Uruguayan made his return from the eight match ban. Before kick-off, Suarez chose not to shake Evra's hand, and though he undoubtedly had reasons for this, it prevented the issue from being resolved to some degree there and then.

    In the next fixture against United, Suarez did shake Evra's hand.

First Hat-Trick vs Norwich

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    A few months after the snubbing of the handshake, Luis Suarez was back to his best.

    Norwich felt the full force of Suarez, who hit three at Carrow road. The performance was brilliant as per usual, and a first hat-trick in Liverpool colours made the day an extra special landmark in Luis Suarez's career so far.

Take Another Bow, Son

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    The goal that clinched Suarez his hat-trick was absolutely sublime. No superlative could do the goal justice.

    It demonstrated the pure ability that Suarez possesses and displays week-in, week-out.

... and Another

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    Suarez started this season in fine form and that rich vein of form has continued, and by the looks of things, will continue to do so. In Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Manchester City, Suarez provided Liverpool with their X-Factor again and this free-kick summed up his ability from any dead-ball situation.


Another Dirty Side

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    Suarez is the best player on the Liverpool side, without question. Sometimes the Uruguayan doesn't get the support he requires because a) his team-mates don't have the ability to or b) he's two or three steps ahead of everybody else.

    This often leads to a considerable amount of frustration that requires some sort of venting. If Suarez scores, job done. No venting needed.

    But if he doesn't, Suarez is likely to lash out at defenders in anger or, as seen in the clip, simulate in order to try and create a scoring opportunity.

    It is because of this frustration that Suarez sometimes resorts to unfair methods of play that don't help his reputation, at all.

Handball vs Mansfield

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    Suarez gave Liverpool the winning goal against Mansfield in the latest round of the FA Cup, but unfortunately handled the ball in the process.

    Though this wasn't deliberate, Suarez still came under immense scrutiny. The ESPN commentator labelled Suarez "a cheat", and a fan was so incensed he invaded the pitch just to threaten Suarez.

    Suarez has done this kind of thing before, though. He robbed Ghana of a winning goal in the 2010 World Cup, and has since said that that was deliberate.

    Suarez's desire to win at all costs provides brilliance at times, but unfortunately, it also incorporates some methods that can be—and are—frowned upon to say the least.

Thanks for Reading

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    Suarez is one of the worlds best. He's laden with controversy but it's all part of the Suarez spectacle.

    Who knows what he's going to do next?

    The embedded video is absolutely fantastic, be sure to watch it!