7 Ways the Royal Rumble Can Help a Wrestler's Career in WWE

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7 Ways the Royal Rumble Can Help a Wrestler's Career in WWE
Even Drew Carey wanted to make his name in the Royal Rumble (Image Obtained From WWE.com)

Traditionally, the Royal Rumble has been sold as an event that could help any WWE Superstar’s career. The winner gets his choice of champion to face at WrestleMania. This means a main-event spot on the biggest show of the year.

Yet the reality has been different for some years now. 

The last Royal Rumble winner to get the final match on the card—therefore the actual main event—was Randy Orton back in 2009. He lost that match, leading to the statistic that four out of the last five Rumble winners have failed to capitalize on their victory. 

Even the one winner in that run—Sheamus last year—had a relatively underwhelming WrestleMania. His match against then-champion Daniel Bryan culminated in just 18 seconds.

It is easy to see why some fans see the Royal Rumble reputation as misleading.

However, there are many ways that the Rumble can help lift a wrestler’s career. Beneficiaries can range from those athletes who are trying to break into title contention to newcomers just trying to make a name for themselves. 

As a concept, the Rumble is really flexible, so it can cater for anyone the WWE’s creative team wish to push. 

Here are seven ways the Royal Rumble can be used to help a wrestler’s career.

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