Yankees, Red Sox Bring it On

Jim FiskCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2007


Okay, so it's August again. And as always, my partner Steve is petrified that the Red Sox will wilt. 

My partner Eric and I are Yankees fans. Steve grew up in Greenwich CT but was born in Brighton MA, where his grandfather owned an Irish bar.

So naturally, the fur flies in the office beginning this time of year.

The good thing about being a Yankees fan is confidence. Sometimes it's overconfidence, but usually the Yankees reach deep from nowhere and pull out a playoff berth.

Even with the new, post-John Henry Red Sox, Boston fans (exemplified by my partner Steve) are Nervous Nellies. They KNOW the Red Sox will die in the last 25 games, even if the Red Sox pull it out.

Meanwhile, Steve writes constant e-mails to me and Eric, and signs every e-mail "Manny."

Bring on October! And make it a good October, where the Yankees and Red Sox both make the playoffs and the ALCS!