UFC on FX 7 Results: Pedro Nobre Embarrasses Himself vs. Yuri Alcantara

McKinley NobleCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2013

Photo Credit: UFC/Zuffa
Photo Credit: UFC/Zuffa

Pedro Nobre was booed on his way out of the Octagon at UFC on FX 7, holding the back of his head like he'd been hit with a baseball bat.

However, the real truth is that Yuri Alcantara seemed to barely touch him.

During their bantamweight bout on the FX undercard at Ibirapuera Arena in Sao Paulo, Nobre gamely fought off one of the longest, more grizzly kimura attempts in MMA history.

Midway into the first round, Alcantara nearly completed that submission attempt, even locking his leg over Nobre's face before losing the advantage and taking Nobre's back.

What followed afterward was absurd.

Alcantara, visibly measuring his punches' accuracy to avoid a foul, found himself stopped by veteran referee Dan Miragliotta as Nobre complained about illegal punches to the back of the head.

Upon viewing the replay, though, it all seemed to be an act.

Alcantara barely seemed to hit anywhere close to the illegal "mohawk" area on the back of Nobre's head, with color commentator and retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian pointing out that the strikes barely had any force to them.

But Nobre continued to act like he'd been hit with a gunshot, prompting ringside officials and his cornermen to carry him out the ring. Fans visibly booed the "wounded" fighter, with even UFC president Dana White calling out Nobre for his antics:

That was BS!!! Pedro is an award winning actor and horrible call by Dan M — Dana White (@danawhite) January 19, 2013

"It couldn't be more clear," Florian added. "Landed right on the ear."

Fortunately, Alcantara won't draw a loss for his so-called foul shots.

Although Nobre may have been looking for a win via disqualification, Miragliotta ruled the match as a "no contest" result.

Nobre didn't win any fans in his UFC debut, as his performance was ridiculed by an audibly angry Brazilian crowd. But Alcantara is arguably worse off, as he left the cage without the possibility of a victory to make up for his time and training.