Rumor Mill April 2

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 2, 2009

Hi people and welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill
Let’s get started shall we?


Well I’ll be damned, rumor has it that Chyna may be headed to WrestleMania to participate in the 25 Diva Royal Battle.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to see her there I am just shocked is all.
What are your views on this?

Talking about dominant Diva’s, Victoria has confirmed she will be in the Battle Royal
She was quoted as saying

"I will be there. I will participate... I still may have a small surprise up my sleeve,"


Is JBL going to drop his retirement bomb at WrestleMania?

With Tazz leaving so suddenly and without so much as a goodbye to his fans, which is something I am still trying to get my head around, the theory that I have about JBL returning to the commentators desk is getting more credibility by the second..

What are your thoughts on this?

Is this the history bomb JBL has promised us?


Is it just me or has this been the worst ECW show ever?

Where the heck was Swagger? He is the ECW champion and Lord knows he has nothing to risk at WrestleMania.

For that matter where was Evan Bourne or the rest of the roster?

I have watched all the promos thank you very much. When I tune in to ECW I want to see action, not a heap of recaps from other brands.

Superstars, Divas and Icons

Rey Mysterio has given an interview to the Houston Chronicle

Here are some highlights:

Q: Do you think you’re going home with the Intercontinental belt?

A:I hope so. If it does happen that will be a great birthday present for my son. He will be here along with my daughter.


Q:Is all the jumping around harder at 35 than 25?

A: It is without a doubt. I don’t know if it’s age or the years I’ve been doing it, but it has definitely taken a toll on my body... But I don’t want to quit.

I still feel like I got a couple more years in me. I try to conserve myself as much as I can without doing as many crazy moves as I used to do when I was a lot younger.

Some of those moves I can’t do anymore. Some I try to modify so I don’t have the risk of blowing out my knee or any other part of my body. It’s worked out pretty well.

Full article here

Behind the scenes

WWE has admitted that the storyline of Vickie being pregnant was an April fool’s joke played by John Cena.

Cena you owe me a coffee, your joke nauseated me to the extent of barfing.

WWE will be taping two weeks worth of TV on three back-to-back nights in late June and early July. Here’s the schedule:

June 29th in Oakland - 2 episodes of Raw
June 30th in Fresno - 1 episode of Smackdown & 1 episode of ECW
July 1st in Bakersfield - 1 episode of Smackdown & 1 episode of ECW

Well that’s it for today; stay tuned for more rumors, news and gossip