Jon Fitch Takes Late-Night Thinking to a New Level with Recent Tweets

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Jon Fitch Takes Late-Night Thinking to a New Level with Recent Tweets
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Those orbs, man! They're ghosts!

Jon Fitch is officially not boring. 

His most recent fight against Erick Silva tossed that idea at us slow-pitch softball style, but the American Kickboxing Academy welterweight hurtled a fastball of polarizing interest straight at our faces in a recent late-night Twitter session. 

The list of Tweets is lengthy (you can't solve the world's riddles in 140 characters, after all), but stick with them for full effect. 








Is you mind blown yet? Probably not, right? I mean, that's pretty cool knowledge, but it doesn't exactly enlighten one's spirit. 

Oh, speaking of spirits, Fitch went on to chuck these at us:





I'm not sure if Fitch was hitting the booze (or the bong) or if this is just how the man spends his evenings. Either way, it's good to know I'm not the only person that stays up much longer than I should pondering the universe's inner workings. 

Somebody needs to hook this guy up with Mac Danzig, and maybe the world will be free of its petty problems and unsolvable mysteries. 

Fitch, being the gentleman that he is, promptly announced his bedtime and wished us well. 



Sweet dreams, Mr. Fitch. May your ever-thirsty brain refuel for another night of meaningless speculation. 

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