NBA All-Star Game 2013 Roster: Reserves Who Should Fill out the East

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2013

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Let the speculation begin regarding the reserves for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

The starters were selected on January 17, with the usual suspects making up the starting fives for each conference. Kobe Bryant was the leading vote-getter, with LeBron James a little less than 8,000 votes behind (h/t ESPN).

It's up to the coaches now to select two guards, three frontcourt players and two players whose position is irrelevant.

In case the coaches in the Eastern Conference need a little help, here's the seven players who should make up the rest of the roster.



Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers

If Kyrie Irving weren't stuck with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he would be regarded as one of the best point guards in the league, period.

He's been hurt for part of the season, so he's not yet eligible to be considered among the league leaders. Otherwise, his 23.3 points a game would lead all point guards.

If given the opportunity, Irving can put in a fantastic performance in the All-Star Game with his great dribbling and amazing layups. Few can make layups look as exciting as dunks. Irving is one of those players.


Jrue Holiday, Philadelphia 76ers

It's been a career year for Jrue Holiday. People expected him to make a jump this year, but not even the most diehard fan could have expected Holiday to have the season he's having.

His 19.0 points and 8.8 assists a game are the highest of his four years in the NBA.

With the way the Philadelphia 76ers are struggling this year, Holiday hasn't been getting the credit he deserves.



Chris Bosh, Miami Heat

Chris Bosh was probably the biggest snub in regard to the starters. He outperformed Kevin Garnett in every statistical category. Every season there's a player who makes the team on reputation alone, and this year it was Garnett.

Bosh is averaging 17.5 points and 7.1 rebounds a game. Without him, the Miami Heat would be in serious trouble this year.


Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets

It's a good thing the Brooklyn Nets chose to hang on to Brook Lopez. He's been one of the best pure centers in the Eastern Conference this season.

His 22.9 points per game are a career high, outside of 2011-12 when he only played five games. Lopez is also shooting a very solid .517 from the field.

Lopez can be guilty at times of not using his size enough, but that hasn't stopped him from having a great season.


Tyson Chandler, New York Knicks

Only once has Tyson Chandler averaged a double-double during a season, in 2007-08 with the New Orleans Hornets. He's on pace to make that two times.

Chandler is putting up 12.4 points and 11.0 rebounds a game. He's also averaging a little over a block a game.

While some may overrate his ability, there probably isn't a better post defender in the league than Chandler.



Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

Is Paul Pierce ever going to just get really bad? His numbers have fallen off a little bit, but even at 35 years old, Pierce has maintained a high level of play, averaging 19.1 points a game.

With his advancing age, Pierce isn't able to play as many minutes, thus explaining some of his stats slowly declining.

Still, some of his per-36 numbers are the highest of the past few years.


Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee Bucks

Most NBA experts are unanimous on the previous six players already chosen. The seventh spot is a little more up in the air.

Brandon Jennings has been having a very good season. It's very surprising considering he's pairing with Monta Ellis in the Milwaukee Bucks backcourt.

The Bucks' strategy of putting the two together could have blown up in management's face. The result have been very good though, with Jennings in particular shining.