Biggest Hipsters in the NBA

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Biggest Hipsters in the NBA
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Last spring, the NBA playoffs turned into a full-fledged fashion show shortly after the final buzzer sounded for each game.

With increasing frequency, many players emerged from the locker room for their press conferences and made a statement before even stepping up to the microphone. A fashion statement, that is.

Russell Westbrook became like a modern-day Andy Warhol because he was so avant-garde.

Obviously, there have been many mavens of style in the NBA over the years. And no, I don't mean the fur coats, wide-brimmed hats and audacious suits of Walt Frazier.

I'm thinking of the NBA's original hipsters: Bill Walton (fan of psychedelic hiking) and "Pistol" Pete Maravich (just ask GQ).

What do I mean by the term "hipster"? Let's just say that it's one who follows the emerging trends in fashion and carves out a niche for himself. And then that person probably posts a photo of their outfit on Instagram.

If you need a clearer picture of what a hipster is, I refer you to any episode of Portlandia. Or if you're in the New York metro area, just go for a stroll around Williamsburg.

Baron Davis would be a pretty good poster boy for sports hipsterism (see here, here and here), but his knees aren't healthy enough to make an NBA roster, so he's ineligible for this list.

Based solely on their manner of dress (and glasses), here are the biggest hipsters currently in the league.

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