The Doctor's WWE Main Event/SmackDown Recap: Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2013

Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Picture by Natasha Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly Main Event and SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap Main Event and SmackDown with a long list.

The entries are made up of equal parts live observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.

I apologize for not posting a recap list last week. My cable/Internet was down for a few days last week.

I try and interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the shows.


Main Event

1. Main Event opens with some impressive pyro.
2. Randy Orton makes his way out first for his match with Antonio Cesaro.
3. In three years, this will be a World title feud.
4. Three might sound long, but I don't want to assume Cesaro will jump right into main events.
5. I am loving this integration of the American flag into Cesaro's attire.
6. The bell rings and Orton takes Cesaro down with a headlock takeover.
7. Cesaro takes control until Orton hits the Thesz press.
8. I think one of the uppercuts Orton hit on Cesaro was a little stiff.
9. Wow! Orton came off the ropes and Cesaro knocked him right on his ass with a nice shoulder block.
10. Even though I felt like it was a mistake to pair Cesaro with Aksana earlier in his career, I still miss her at ringside for his matches.
11. Cesaro always looks impressive when he does that delayed gutwrench suplex.
12. Cesaro hits a double axe handle from the top rope and then he bows to Miz.
13. Miz takes credit for the move, like it hasn't been a staple in wrestling for decades.
14. I know he uses it a lot, but so did Macho Man.
15. Orton and Cesaro are having a very good back-and-forth match.
16. Orton hits his trademark dropkick at a short distance and it looks like he connected a bit more than planned.
17. It still looked cool.
18. After a superplex from Orton, you can see Cesaro bleeding from the nose a little.
19. The Shield show up and ruin a great match.
20. I am a little tired of them just attacking people. I want to see some matches already.
21. Miz comes to the aid of Orton, but The Shield still get the advantage.
22. Cesaro comes in and hits the Neutralizer on Miz to add salt to the wound.

23. The new commercial showing everyone in a restaurant talking about The Royal Rumble is ridiculous.
24. An entire segment is devoted to a recap from Raw, where CM Punk and The Rock had their showdown.
25. It was cool seeing Finlay, IRS and Arn Anderson among the officials breaking up the fight.
26. Prime Time Players vs. The New Wild Samoans is up next.
27. Ugh. Why is Brad Maddox joining commentary?
28. There is something inherently creepy about this guy.
29. The Usos have the best entrance in WWE today.
30. Titus and Jey start things off.
31. Maddox tries to send to commercial too early.
32. I do not understand what WWE wants to do with this guy.
33. Cole has no idea which Uso is which in this match. He always refers to each one as "The Usos."
34. Darren Young hits a nice bridging suplex for a two-count at one point.
35. The ref obviously waited a second longer than necessary to make the count at one point so Titus could come in and break up the pin.
36. Nice! Seeing the Usos get the win is always good in my book.
37. I would love for them to feud for the tag titles; they deserve a run.
38. Main Event was decent this week.
39. I am a little sick of the attacks by The Shield. I want matches from these guys. They will never prove how good they are by just running in during matches.
40. Orton and Cesaro had some good chemistry.
41. It seems like Cesaro can have a good match with just about anybody, which is why he will have a bright future in WWE.



42. The show opens with a mariachi band in the ring.
43. Is this whole thing a little racist? It seems like we have seen several Mexican World title celebrations over the years.
44. I remember Chavo having one for the ECW title, too.
45. Ricardo Rodriguez gives Del Rio a great intro.
46. Once again, no car for the entrance.
47. I guess a babyface won't get over in a country with major financial issues by rubbing his wealth in our faces. Smart move to lose the car from the entrance.
48. YES! Dolph Ziggler interrupts almost immediately.
49. Damn, that briefcase is beat up. Would that thing even open at this point?
50. Ziggler introduces Langston to Del Rio and Ricky and Del Rio tell them to leave.
51. Ziggler threatens to have Langston destroy Del Rio so he can cash in; Del Rio dares him to do it.
52. Big Show's music hits and he comes out to make sure nobody beats Del Rio before he has a chance to.
53. I want to see Langston try and get Show up for his finisher.
54. Big Show just stares at Del Rio as Sheamus' music hits. He comes out to make things a bit more even.
55. Ha! He calls Dolph, Ziggles. I miss that nickname. It was kind of funny.
56. I like how Sheamus mentions his beef with Del Rio while coming to his aid.
57. Sheamus offers his hand to the new World champion and Del Rio accepts.
58. Just as all hell is about to break loose, Booker comes out and throws water on the fire.
59. Booker makes a tag match. Surprise, surprise.
60. Book kicks the heels out of the ring and Del Rio calls for the music.
61. Booker gets talked into doing a spinerooni.
62. Sheamus gets talked into dancing.
63. Line of the night from JBL while watching Sheamus dance: "He'll never get back into Ireland, ever."

64. After the break, we get Kofi vs. Antonio Cesaro.
65. Miz is shown watching bakstage as Cesaro owns Kofi all over the ring.
66. Kofi and Cesaro have a great back-and-forth match with some near falls.
67. These two work well together, illustrating my earlier point that Cesaro looks good fighting anybody.
68. Wow! Cesaro catches Kofi in a hurricanana attempt off the top rope and turns it into a Neutralizer for the pin and the win.
69. That was a fun match despite its length. These two would be a great U.S. title feud.

70. Miz runs into Primo, Epico and Rosa backstage.
71. Miz confuses which one is Primo and then says nobody cares.
72. I like Epico and Primo. I think they could be popular if given the proper push.
73. Miz insults Rosa and then walks away.
74. Tensai vs. Khali are up after the commercial.
75. JBL puts over Tensai's Japanese success and says he hasn't found his footing in WWE yet.
76. Khali hits a big chop for a quick win.
77. What was the point of that match? Are they pushing Khali again?
78. Let's get a petition going to bring back Runjin Singh.

79. Kane and Bryan are backstage talking about Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.
80. Orton walks in as Kane and Bryan are arguing and asks if they are going to act like kids or beat up their opponents.
81. Kane says both and walks off. Bryan fills Orton in on their anger management therapy.
82. I think Daniel Bryan has really come into his own. He was pure gold in that segment.
83. After the break, we get Orton and Team Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett.
84. Three former World champs vs. three future World champs. I like it.
85. Orton and Rhodes start things off.
86. Kane gets a quick tag and hits a low dropkick for a near fall.
87. Sandow tags in and nearly gets put in the No Lock right away.
88. We return to see Kane being isolated in the corner of his opponents.
89. Barrett plants Kane with a Black Hole Slam for a near fall.
90. Rhodes hits the Disaster Kick and JBL says, "That'll knock the mustache off your lip."
91. I don't see why a mustache is getting so much attention.
92. Sandow almost pins Orton after Rhodes hits him with Cross Rhodes, but Kane makes the save.
93. Orton ends up planting Sandow with an RKO for the pin and the win.
94. After the match, Bryan wants a hug from Orton.
95. Orton turns to see Kane, who also wants a hug.
96. Orton ends up being sandwiched between Bryan and Kane in a group hug and looks less than pleased.
97. Orton shrugs as he poses in the corner.
98. Bryan and Kane should start coming to the ring to the song "Why Can't We Be Friends."

99. After the break, WWE replays almost the entire Rock Concert from Monday and the brawl that followed.
100. Miz is out for a match against Primo.
101. Rosa looks good, even when she is complaining. How is that possible?
102. Miz and Primo have a decent back-and-forth match.
103. Primo is underutilized. He and Epico are good workhorses and WWE has used them very poorly.
104. JBL mentions the Dudleys when he says some tag teams never make it as singles wrestlers.
105. I wonder how Devon and Ray feel about that.
106. Miz ends up using the Figure Four leglock to get the win.

107. Kaitlyn is backstage where Alicia Fox and Layla are congratulating her.
108. Layla looks at the title longingly, setting up an obvious feud down the line.
109. We get a replay of Eve quitting WWE.
110. Kaitlyn is facing Aksana next.
111. Aksana goes for a handshake but ends up shoving Katie instead.
112. Did JBL just make an Oak Island reference?
113. That will go over a lot of people's heads. If you don't know what Oak Island is, you should look it up. Very interesting stuff.
114. Aksana is in control for most of the match.
115. Aksana is showing some serious aggression in this match.
116. Kaitlyn gets the win with a spear out of nowhere.
117. The Shield give us another hand-held camera promo.
118. These guys are good in their promos, but I won't be happy until I see some matches.
119. Orton and Sheamus are shown talking about The Shield backstage.
120. Orton makes it clear that all friendships are on hold for the Royal Rumble.
121. I think Orton winning the Rumble would be awesome. It would thrust him back into the spotlight he has been out of for so long.

122. Big Show is out first for the tag team main event.
123. ADR and Ziggler start things off.
124. They trade some offense right from the start of the match.
125. Del Rio rolls through when Ziggler moves during a moonsault attempt; Ziggler tries to capitalize.
126. Sheamus holds Ziggler in the air for a solid 10 seconds during a suplex.
127. Big Show comes in and starts pounding on Sheamus like I have never seen before.
128. Langston tries to attack Sheamus outside the ring and the ref boots him from ringside.
129. AJ gets in the ring and freaks out on the ref and she gets booted, too.
130. After the break, we see Ziggler and Del Rio duking it out.
131. Del Rio hits a nice German suplex to take Ziggler down.
132. Sheamus tags in and works Ziggler over with signatures.
133. Big Show shoves Sheamus from the top rope down to the floor.
134. Big Show comes in off the tag and drops an elbow on Sheamus to keep him grounded.
135. Show keeps Sheamus from making the tag for quite some time.
136. Sheamus kicks out of a Vader splash from Show and then avoids the second attempt.
137. ADR and Ziggler both get the tag and Del Rio goes to work on Ziggler.
138. Del Rio hits a nasty side kick for a near fall.
139. Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm Breaker and Show drops a leg drop to break the hold.
140. Sheamus comes in and hits White Noise on Big Show, and Del Rio follows it up with a running kick.
141. Del Rio throws a bucket of water on Show and this makes Show leave the match and walk to the back, getting himself counted out in the process.
142. JBL says it was stupid for Del Rio to do that because Big Show is going to explode soon.
143. Sheamus and Del Rio get the count-out win and celebrate as balloons fall from the rafters.
144. Overall, I think this was a good show.
145. We saw some solid wrestling and a little bit of storyline development.
146. We are heading into the Rumble this next week, which means WWE will be tying up any loose ends on Raw and SmackDown.
147. I think there is no clear choice for who will win the Rumble this year.
148. Ryback has cooled down a bit in recent weeks and WWE hasn't done a lot to push an agenda for him to win it like many people have speculated.


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