Big E Langston: Why It Was the Wrong Time to Bring Him Up

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2013

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We’re not quite sure how powerful Big E Langston’s finisher is.

It looks like the devastation of the move is somewhere in between being able to knock out Hornswoggle, yet not enough to keep Cena down.

If WWE wasn’t ready to make Big E a big deal, then they should have waited until they were.

It’s always great to see new talent, and it’s great to see them debut in a top angle. But once that character is shown to be ineffective, they becomes labeled a mid-carder.

It was way too soon in Langston’s run to cast him into such a role.

He initially made a big splash when he joined Ziggler and A.J.'s act. He got to lay out Cena his first night in.

But since then, he's been rather ineffective. Even with Langston by his side, Ziggler still loses just as much as ever.

What good is an enforcer when they can't help you win a match?

The timing of his debut also put him in a bad situation. Being introduced to audiences a few months before WrestleMania is a rough time to gain traction.

At best, a wrestler will get in a few weeks of being focused on TV. After that, they get pushed to the side. The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and a third rate celebrity or two will be taking that spotlight instead.

A talent can only hope that WWE keeps them warm enough to make an impact after the big show has come and gone.

WWE did this last year with Brodus Clay. He debuted less than three weeks before The Royal Rumble. It was awkward timing. He couldn’t enter the match as it was too soon for him to look weak and be eliminated.

WWE settled with having him squash Drew McIntyre in a minute at The Rumble.

By the time WrestleMania rolled around, it still wasn't enough time to give him a real feud. They made the unfortunate decision to have him dance with his "mommas".

Comparisons have been drawn with Langston being cast as Ziggler’s Diesel. Diesel, however, had the benefit of debuting in June. He was given a slow build, yet looked absolutely dominant at Shawn Michaels' side

By the time the Rumble came around, "Big Daddy Cool" took out seven guys in the match.

Right now, Langston isn’t even announced for the event. With so many big stars set to wrestle, it's doubtful he'll get a big moment if he is an entrant. 

Other big stories have also stalled the interest in Big E. 

Ryback's huge push, The Rock's return and the debut of The Shield have left Langston lost in the shuffle. WWE should have just waited until after WrestleMania for his debut.

Much like Lesnar joining the day after WrestleMania 18, Langston could have given people something to talk about right away. He could have helped alleviate the WrestleMania hangover.

Unless WWE gets serious about his character, they'll be lucky if people are talking about him at all in a few months.