Jay Cutler and The Dever Broncos: Hero's To Zero's!

Farris GunningCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

The Denver Broncos are as fed up with Jay Cutler as the rest of his team is. 

This is the NFL boys and things happen, it doesn't mean you tuck your tail between your legs and cry.  Time to grow up Jay.

Jay Cutler is a strong arm quarterback though so he should find work fairly quickly.  He has amassed over 9000 yards passing and over 50 TD's so far in his short career.  37 Int's is a bit much but surely something he can work on in the right offense.

Here's the part that is great...

First the Broncos fire  the coach that knew exactly how to beat the Raiders, Mike Shanahan, and replaced him with Josh Mcdaniels.  Now the QB that had the ability to chew up any secondary is gone too. 

It's like Christmas in oakland right now and the funny part is that Jay Cutler was born in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Fitting isn't it?

So what is the head office thinking in Denver?  Maybe Big Al is using the Jedi Mind trick and making them do stuff to his benefit?  In any case, these new moves in Denver are stirring up a lot of talk in the NFL and the Raiders LOVE IT.

*** Win, Lose, or Tie...  Raiders Ti