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Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2013

Dolph Ziggler (Courtesy of
Dolph Ziggler (Courtesy of

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Backstage News on Why Dolph Ziggler May Be Turning Babyface Soon (via

As noted, officials have discussed breaking Big E Langston away from Ziggler and AJ Lee but it sounds like he might stay with AJ. They are discussing this not because of a possible Langston face turn but because of a Ziggler babyface turn.

Vince McMahon has been changing his mind back and forth on Ziggler as a babyface but it's more when and not if. A lot of people in the company feel that Ziggler will take off huge as a babyface when the call is made. The fact that Ziggler is already popular in the New York market is said to be influencing Vince's decision.


Analysis from Graham "GSM" Matthews

While I'm not against the idea of turning Dolph Ziggler babyface at some point, I think it'd be bad booking if they were to flip the switch anytime soon. WWE has a stunning lack of heels at the moment, so if Ziggler remains villainous during his run as World Heavyweight Champion, he could very well be one of the company's main event players.

However, if he were to turn face in the foreseeable future, he'd be lost in the shuffle among the likes of The Miz, Sheamus, Ryback and others. That being said, nothing that Ziggler does makes him as "evil" as heels such as CM Punk or Big Show, so a face turn down the line wouldn't be out of the question.


Backstage News on Eve Torres Leaving WWE (via

Eve Torres actually went to Vince McMahon about a month ago and made it known that she was planning on leaving WWE. They agreed to have her work however long the storyline with Kaitlyn took and it was expected internally that she would be around until the Royal Rumble.

The decision was made this past week to have the match on RAW and Eve is officially done with the company now. Eve will now be the new face of the Gracie Academy's "Women Empowered" brand that she has been working on while with WWE.


Analysis from Seth M. Guttenplan

Eve Torres leaving WWE is just another spoke off the wheel that is the Divas division. After Beth Phoenix and Kharma, the Divas division is certainly dwindling. I recently wrote about five Divas who need to step up in Eve’s absence. However, with a number of ladies down in NXT, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them promoted to the main roster earlier rather than later. 

Eve is also another former WWE star who left for another aspect of entertainment. The Rock left for the movies, Brock Lesnar left for MMA and now Eve is leaving for television and her fiancé. When WWE employees get sick of the traveling and the heavy schedule, and as WWE becomes more entertainment than sport, the employees are more likely to leave for outside projects. 

Who will be next?


WWE Offers a New Contract to Brock Lesnar (via

WWE officials have offered Brock Lesnar a new contract. They want him locked in for another year before WrestleMania. It's believed the new deal is similar to the deal he signed last year - several million dollars, a few major pay-per-view events and the TV shows building up to those events.

Lesnar has not signed the deal and probably won't sign any time soon because that's how he operates, likely negotiating until the end. Some within WWE are under the impression that he's in the creative plans for after WrestleMania 29. Regarding a potential Lesnar vs. The Undertaker match, a source noted that Taker is really hurting bad and since Lesnar works a very physical style, officials are very leery of ever doing that match.


Analysis from Graham "GSM" Matthews

This news isn't all surprising, as most expected Lesnar to re-sign with WWE following WrestleMania 29 anyway. Sure, he hasn't done much over the last year, but he's still a tremendous talent and top draw whenever he does return to television.

As far as Undertaker vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania 29 goes, I'm completely content with not having that match take place. I realize that they have history following their heated confrontation at a UFC event in late 2010, but the chances of WWE acknowledging that are quite slim.

If Taker is still injured after being out of action for nearly a year, then I say it's time to hang it up. I can't see him wrestling much longer, so expect his next Mania match to possibly be his last.


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