Brawn GP Announce Team Apparel Initiative

Paige Michael-ShetleyCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

Brackley- Formula One sensations Brawn GP today announced a new "team apparel" sales initiative, marketing and selling team apparel for the first time in the team's very brief history. 

Having been saved from extinction as the former Honda team and brought together quickly, Brawn have achieved a tremendous feat in a very short period of time in producing a dominant car and sweeping the first two finishing positions in the Australian Grand Prix. Only over the weekend in Melbourne did the team secure their first sponsorship deals. 

Brawn have been the only team up to this point not selling team apparel. Now, they have joined the rest of the grid in doing so. 

The marketing campaign is titled the "Brains and Brawn Initiative." In this, fans will have the opportunity to purchase packages of essential apparel-making materials such as polyester, cotton, sewing and embroidery kits, and nylon threads. They will then have the liberty to dream up, design, and create their very own Brawn GP team apparel concepts. 

As part of the initiative, fans will receive complementary packages of 100 specially-designed lime green Sharpie highlighter markers to aid in their design efforts, the team said. 

"We're very excited to launch this initiative," Brawn Chief Executive Nick Fry said. "This campaign reflects the spirit of Brawn GP—making the utmost efforts with your creative talent given the resources you have- in a way to which the everyday Formula One fan can relate." 

"We believe this will spark a revolution in fan participation in Formula One."