Detroit Lions: Cutler Works For Motown

John ManzoContributor IApril 1, 2009

Here we go again in Detroit. After an 0-16 season, the Detroit Lions cannot afford to lose out on the Pro Bowl Quarterback Jay Cutler. The Detroit Lions have selected their share of rookie quarterbacks and they haven't panned out. Most recently the Lions selected Joey Harrington, a great college player with a strong arm and major up side. Unfortunately, Harrington turned into the new Ryan Leaf of the NFL and has struggled throughout his career.

I strongly believe Jay Cutler will workout for the Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions have the most to offer with this years number one pick in April's Draft. As an avid Detroit Lions fan I have gone through many dismal seasons just looking for a reason of hope. Many Detroiters even snatched the infamous "Pre-Season Champions" t-shirt. There has been no glimmer of hope in Motown. Struggling economy, bad football team, and a city with an inconsistency to stay clean. There have been brawls in Detroit, a mayor who went to jail, and a football team that didn't win a football game in a season. Cutler gives me hope that the Lions can change.

The Lions need an established quarterback who has already proven he can handle the pressure, media, and expections of being in the NFL. Cutler has already made it to the Pro Bowl and has a strong arm which could cause havoc for opposing teams with big time wide receiver Calvin Johnson on the other end of Cutler's passes. With Cutler and Johnson becoming a duo could be a fun event to watch. Bring Cutler to Motown, this is what this city needs.