Athlete Cameos You Forgot About

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2013

Athlete Cameos You Forgot About

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    Everyone thinks they've got talent these days, don't they?

    With so many athletes achieving success in their respective sports, it's not uncommon for them to get snatched-up for cameo roles in TV shows or movies.

    And since last week we gave you some sports flicks that may have slipped your mind, we're giving you some athlete appearances that you may have forgotten about too.

    We're not sure if they're Oscar or Golden Globe-worthy, but hell, at least they gave it a try!

Bob Golic: "Saved by the Bell: The College Years"

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    Sadly, this is the only clip we could score that wasn't the entire episode of "The New Class." Who knew it was in such high demand?

    Anyway, Golic was a former linebacker for the Patriots, Browns and Raiders, who actually enjoyed three Pro Bowl appearances.

    For our money though, nothing beats him as Mike Rogers, the ultra-old Resident Advisor who tries to keep the three former Bayside Boys in line.

Howie Long: "Broken Arrow"

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    Though Long doesn't make an appearance in the trailer here, we swear he had a small role in the action film alongside Travolta and Christian Slater.

    If we could have only found a clip where Long shows off his acting "skills" we're sure you'd be asking the same question we are: "Is Long's appearance that much worse than the entire movie?"

    We've seen the movie, so we'll let you know that it's a coin flip.

Lee Trevino: "Happy Gilmore"

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    Okay, so as one of the greatest sports movies of our generation—no, we're not being sarcastic—we can bet you too can quote every line from this movie.

    So it's not like you've forgotten about Trevino's appearance in the flick.

    We just love the movie too much not to add him though.

John McEnroe: "Mr. Deeds"

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    We're not really sure what Johnny Mac's doing in this movie to begin with, but as we showed you with Trevino in "Gilmore," sometimes having a random athlete in a Sandler movie pays off.

    Unfortunately for everyone involved here, McEnroe doesn't do anything outside of what you'd expect—which is throwing a vulgarity-laced tantrum about something.

Charles Barkley: "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"

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    It's a shame we couldn't get a video to show Sir Charles' cameo in the mid-90's TV gig, but trust us, it happened.

    In the show, Mark Cooper was an NBA hopeful who tried playing for his hometown Golden State Warriors.

    Once he got his shot, Cooper goes toe-to-toe with Barkley during this episode

    Landing a MVP to check in an imaginary game of hoops? That's pretty dope.

Roger Clemens: "Kingpin"

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    When the rocket wasn't hurling fastballs, bats or poking himself with needles, he was apparently getting mad about someone about moving in on his lady in this comedy.

    If we knew then what we knew now about Clemens' alleged steroid use, we wouldn't think anything but 'roid rage was the cause of his anger.

Brett Favre: "There's Something About Mary"

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    It's only a three-second clip, but we highly doubt you even forgot about the ol' gun-slinger's appearance in this Farrelly Brothers movie.

    Favre's actually played a big role in the movie as Mary (Cameron Diaz) actually references her ex Brett quite frequently.

    Who knew it would be Brett Favre though?

    Had the technology been there then, we're absolutely positive a dickture joke would have popped-up somehow. 

Numerous Seattle Mariners: "Little Big League"

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    Looking back on it now, was there a more stacked MLB team than the Seattle Mariners?

    I mean, good lord! 

    They had Junior Griffey, Randy Johnson and A-Rod all during the primes of their career.

    That translated into at least Griff and the Big Unit getting the nod to land a major role in this baseball movie about a kid who manages the Twins after inheriting the team from his Grandpa.

Mike Ditka: "Kicking and Screaming"

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    During his coaching days—and even as a broadcaster—Ditka's known as a pretty intense guy.

    So when he shows up in the Will Ferrell soccer flick, how else do you think Hollywood would want him to act?

    He may have just been the assistant coach, but Ditka's hardcore even when not leading a team, as evidenced by this clip.

Sammy Sosa: "Hardball"

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    Hardball is one of our favorite sports movies ever—and actually makes us tear up a bit at certain points.

    So when the kids head to Wrigley to check out a Cubbies game and spot Sammy Sosa (who was huge back then) how else would they react?

    If only they knew dude was juicin', maybe they wouldn't be as admiring.

Bobby Bonilla and Barry Bonds: "Rookie of the Year"

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    We all know the plot.

    Teenager Henry Rowengartner—who's a terrible baseball player—gets hurt after falling over a baseball, turning his luck around, and getting the ability to toss darts.

    After signing a deal with the Cubs, the boy wonder strikes out numerous major leaguers (check the 1:15 mark), a couple who happen to be former teammates Bobby Bo and Barry Bonds.

Kevin McHale: "Cheers"

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    To prove how pathetic we are, when given this assignment, McHale's appearance on the TV show "Cheers" was one of the first that popped into our head.

    It wasn't anything great.

    He didn't necessarily embarrass himself.

    But with a shirt like that—and for tossing a couple zingers in there—it was definitely memorable.

John Salley: "Bad Boys" Movies

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    John "Spider" Salley may have been a contributing big man on four title-winning teams during his career, but we bet Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) were happiest to have him on their team during these action flicks.

    If it weren't for Salley's computer-nerdy character Fletcher, who knows if the two detectives would have been able to catch the bad guys?

Numerous New York Yankees: "Seinfeld"

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    It's no secret that "Seinfeld" creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are huge sports fans.

    So when David turned to his love for the Yanks by featuring the then reigning World Series champs to appear in a couple episodes, it wasn't a total shock.

    After all, the show was the best on TV then, George Costanza had a gig with the club and they had already scored former Met Keith Hernandez in an episode, which is Seinfeld's favorite club.

Dennis Rodman: "Double Team"

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    Rodman is one of the most outlandish athletes ever, so when he teamed-up with action star Jean-Claude Van Damme in this flick, it was a bit of a head-scratcher.

    Though "The Worm" didn't exactly kill it with his performance here, he did get selected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

    That says nothing about his acting skills, but we wanted to point it out just so he has something to be proud of.

Lance Armstrong: "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"

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    Though Lance is in the news for finally owning-up to the fact he used PEDs pretty much his entire career, when it was still believed he was a miracle who overcame cancer and won seven-straight Tour de France titles, he gave an inspiring speech to Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn), encouraging him not to give up.

    We'd bet if they could rewrite his part now, it'd probably be a little bit different...

John Kruk: "The Fan"

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    Kruk may be a regular on ESPN these days, but before he was giving analysis on Baseball Tonight, Krukky was getting stabbed in this Tony Scott flick about an obsessed baseball fan.

    Not only did Kruk get some face time in this movie, but he was even parodied on SNL's "Weekend Update."

    Who knew he was so popular?

Cam Neely: "Dumb and Dumber"

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    Neely is one of the most beloved Boston Bruins players of all-time.

    Holding down numerous team records and wearing a sweater with the big "B" on it for ten seasons will earn you respect in a town like Boston.

    But when he wasn't checking punishing opposing players on the ice, he was hawking a loogie on burgers of poor strangers.

    His appearance also gave us one of the most memorable lines ever, so that's an added bonus.

Xavier McDaniel: "Singles"

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    We're not sure about anyone else, but when we're getting it on with a girl, to avoid a "premature" event from happening, we always think about former NBA All-Star Xavier McDaniel.

    He just goes out and plays good hard-nosed basketball...while providing you something to think about from ruining the mood too early.

Jim Harbaugh: "Saved by the Bell: The New Class"

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    Harbaugh's proven in his first two seasons as the Niners head man that he's one hell of a coach, but after his speech on the TV show "Saved By the Bell: The New Class," was there any doubt he could motivate guys?

    He was just coming off a Pro Bowl season with the Colts, so dude was clearly highly sought out—yes, that was sarcasm.

    With coach trying to inspire his current squad by going back in time, maybe someone should bring this clip up to remind him of his past too.