Watch Shane Battier's Hilarious "Battioke" Love Boat Parody Commercial

Josh BenjaminCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2013

Lots of professional athletes have their own charities, each for various causes. In the case of Miami Heat three-point specialist Shane Battier, he has the Take Charge Foundation, whose focus is getting underprivileged teens into college.

Battier does something a bit different to raise money for his charity. It's called "Battioke," which I believe is Japanese for "watch Battier and his Miami teammates sing the hits."

While the idea of Battier and his teammates singing badly is funny in itself, even more hilarious is the way he advertises the latest Battioke event. Instead of just having any old commercial, the former Duke Blue Devil has gone the extra mile in channeling the cheesiest TV show ever, The Love Boat.

It's made even funnier because of Battier's reputation as something of a silent assassin. He shows up to work and does his job with a stony face, and that's it.

Well, this commercial pretty much proves that he is the opposite of a scary shooter.

Kudos to Battier's teammates for getting involved and fully embracing the cheesiness of the show they're parodying. From Mike Miller's goofy smile to LeBron James doing his best Rick James impression, it's clear that everyone is having fun with it. As a viewer, I actually want to fly down to Miami and attend this event.

After watching this commercial, one can't help but think of what would happen if other teams did this. What if the Oklahoma City Thunder spoofed Bonanza and had "KD-Oke"? And what if the Los Angeles Clippers did a similar event, but with a song parody called "We Built Lob City"?

Anyway, I'm getting overly excited. The fact is that karaoke is fun, and Battier is catering to fans of both the activity and basketball. The point of singing karaoke is to have fun and be a complete and utter dork, and Battier just wants people to do that with him in supporting his foundation.

That said, I can't wait for the next commercial. Might I suggest that he spoof Miami Vice, complete with custom lyrics?