TNA Needs Deep Soul Searching Before Hiring Tazz or Anyone Else

Tim ListAnalyst IApril 1, 2009

The internet is abuzz with speculation that former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and recent Smaxkdown color commentator Pete "Tazz" Senercia will join the TNA broadcast team soon and upgrade the SpikeTV wrestling franchise.

I'm a big fan of the Human Suplex Machine's, but I think TNA needs to do a lot of soul searching before any more money on any more additions to their payroll.

Has Mick Foley sold any tickets in his big return against Sting in a cage for the title in Philadelphia? Has Team 3-D made a real difference? Has Kurt Angle? Has Booker T and Sharmell sent the ratings into the 2s? Sting is tracking some bigger numbers, but is the increase really anything impressive?

TNA is a poorly booked sports entertainment promotion lead by Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo, both of whom are living in the 1990s. If TNA wants to bring in Tazz, and they should, they need to address the action Tazz will be calling. It's time for  Dixie Carter and her company to make the big play for the services of Paul Heyman as lead writer of the promotion. The Fire Russo chants aren't cute, they're a desperate cry from the paying audience who wants to see the promotion succeed.

TNA Wrestling will continue on the same pattern as they have, spending money on top of more money to acquire talent without addressing the problems that leave all the talent on their formidable roster stale.