BYU Basketball: Ranking Dave Rose's Biggest Worries This Season

Samuel Benson@@sambbensonContributor IIIJanuary 18, 2013

BYU Basketball: Ranking Dave Rose's Biggest Worries This Season

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    The BYU basketball squad is two-thirds of the way through their 2012-13 campaign, and although the road has been a roller coaster so far, there are definitely many places to improve.

    In particular, there are things that will make Dave Rose very worried.

    As a head coach, Rose takes the blame after a tough loss, and is praised after a win. But unless a few things are solved, the "blame" route may be the way that Rose is headed.

    As a bubble team in the NCAA tourney, the Cougs can't continue making the big mistakes they have. So, here are my rankings of three of the things that Dave Rose could lose sleep over.

3. Defending the Three

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    In BYU's five losses this season, their opponents have made an average of 45.8 percent of their three-point shots.

    In comparison, the NBA's most accurate long-range shooter ever, Steve Kerr, held an average lower than that.

    The Cougar's zone defense has worked well so far this season in preventing easy buckets in the paint, but is frustratingly inefficient in limiting three-pointers. I'm sure that Dave Rose and his staff have already addressed this issue, but bigger changes need to be made.

2. Keeping Brandon Davies, Tyler Haws on the Court

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    Tyler Haws and Brandon Davies are to BYU as an engine is to a car. They are needed on the court for the Cougars to operate on both ends of the court.

    Where would BYU be without the duo? It is unthinkable to imagine what an incomplete squad the Cougs would have. Both Haws and Davies need to stay out of foul trouble, something that the latter has struggled with, and play as many minutes as they can.

1. Getting and Staying in the Lead in Big Games

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    Twice this year, against Baylor and St. Mary's, BYU has jumped on top of the scoreboard and racked up double-digit leads in the first half.

    In both games, they fell apart late in the first or the beginning of the second half, and ended up losing, even if it was by a near miracle.

    If the Cougars can get a lead on good teams like Gonzaga and St. Mary's later on in the year, they can't choke and give it up. This may be a problem to address on defense, or something that can be solved by scoring in big moments, but whatever the case, BYU can't keep up this trend.