Full Dallas Cowboys Scouting Guide for the 2013 East-West Shrine Game

Alex Hall@@AlexKHallCorrespondent IIIJanuary 18, 2013

Full Dallas Cowboys Scouting Guide for the 2013 East-West Shrine Game

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    Like many NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys are in full offseason mode; which means their scouts will have a keen eye on the 2013 East-West Shrine game.

    While there are notables like Ray Graham and Collin Klein stealing the camera lenses and newspaper pages, there are plenty of names to watch. Here is a full scouting guide and list of players the Cowboys staff is sure to be watching closely in this contest.

James Ferentz, OL, Iowa

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    James Ferentz has not been looking overly impressive through practice leading up to the Shrine game, but Dallas will still be watching him closely.

    The Cowboys offensive line was overwhelmed by the opposition far too many times over the past two seasons and there is an obvious need to upgrade here. That being said, Ferentz isn't by any means a surefire guy to translate to the NFL, given he's just 6'2" and under 300 pounds.

    Still, the Cowboys don't exactly have the most impressive depth behind the starters they've trudged out the past few years. Dallas could use a later-round pick on Ferentz and develop him as a versatile backup on the line.

    The Hawkeye has shown more potential than promise during this week of practice, but a solid game performance might keep the Cowboys interested.

Duke Williams, S, Nevada

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    Moving from one of Dallas' biggest position needs to the next, Nevada safety Duke Williams is surely a name Cowboys scouts are looking at.

    Williams is just one inch shorter than James Ferentz at 6'2", with a 200-pound frame—right in line with the likes of Charlie Peprah and Gerald Sensabaugh. The Cowboys have been in need of new, young talent at this position for two seasons now and Williams is worth considering.

    He had 105 tackles for the Wolf Pack despite being a safety. That shows he has a knack for not only finding but bringing down ball-carriers.

    Safety is a position that the 'Boys should address very early in this year's draft. However, that doesn't mean it would be a bad thing to do homework on other guys like Williams.

Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas Pine-Bluff

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    While Arkansas Pine-Bluff's Terron Armstead might now have been the big name heading into this contest, he's tried his best to change that.

    Through his practice performances leading up the the Jan. 19 showdown, more articles and quotes have come out about this guy than perhaps anyone else.

    He's a 6'5", 300-plus pounder who has impressed the likes of NFL.com's (via SB Nation) Daniel Jeremiah with his run-blocking ability. There's a lot to like about a guy who not only has that frame but is excelling in a situation where the lights are shining bright.

    Armstead has the chance to garner plenty of attention if his practice performances translate into the actual game. He's definitely someone both Cowboys scouts and fans should try to focus on in this one.

Matt Scott, QB, Arizona

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    All right, so Matt Scott is not exactly full of hype heading into the 2013 NFL draft. Then again, how many quarterbacks can you say are worthy of their hype in this class? Not many.

    Scott has mechanics that make scouts drool. He has just a classic, straightforward and quick release that doesn't need much tinkering. In an NFL where more and more quarterbacks are entering the league without this, it has to be a relief to scouts to be able to judge Scott based on the age-old ways.

    For the Cowboys, Scott is easily the more interesting of the two quarterbacks between himself and Collin Klein. Where the Arizona product is more Matt Ryan in his mechanics, Klein is more comparable to Tim Tebow or Byron Leftwich.

    Tony Romo is still going to be the Cowboys' quarterback for the next few seasons but he's not getting any younger. Dallas should look into some young QBs like Scott to either draft late or sign in free agency and take a look at what's out there.

Ray Graham, RB, Pittsburgh

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    Pittsburgh's Ray Graham is a name that is worth watching perhaps above all the others for Dallas. With Felix Jones' contract up, the Cowboys could very well be in the market for a running back much like Graham.

    Graham's ability to see holes develop along with his decent speed could make him a great backup and change-of-pace back for Dallas. Given he's one of the biggest names involved in the Shrine game, the 'Boys will obviously watch him but perhaps they will more so than other teams.

    He would be cheaper to pay than Jones and other free-agent rushers out there this offseason. He also has the potential to be much more than what Jones has been during his NFL career.

    Yeah, you can bet Graham is on the Cowboys' watch list.