WWE Made a Mistake in Turning Miz Babyface

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2013


Ever since Miz turned babyface and began helping out guys like Randy Orton instead of trying to smash their faces into the mat, he has been viewed as having a re-energized career.

I don't buy it.

Miz might get a decent pop when he comes out and the fans might chant "Awesome" and "Really" with him, but that is the WWE machine flexing its muscle.

The fans mostly choose whom they cheer for and whom they boo, but WWE is extremely good at making people cheer for whom they want them to cheer for. If you don't believe me, then I have to assume you have been a Ryback fan since his debut. 

The problem is that when Miz was a heel and people wanted him to turn face, they didn't want him to lose the qualities of his character that made him one of their favorites.

Miz used to be witty, but now it seems as if he is being given jokes that would make a fifth-grader call him immature.

The best part about Miz was that he was a jackass. He was in your face and didn't care if you liked him because he knew he was good.

He came out with a look of confidence that only a great heel could have and then he backed it up by defeating the biggest names in WWE while he was champion.

Now he panders to crowds by playing to the city he is in, acting like Ric Flair's best buddy and coming to the aid of people he once tried to cripple in the ring just to get a title shot.

These changes happen all the time when people shift from babyface to heel and back, but with Miz the situation is a bit different. It happened WAAAAY too fast.

He was a heel for a long time. Nearly his entire run in WWE has been as a heel, and now we are supposed to just buy him as a goody-two-shoes babyface?

No! I'm sorry, but no.

I want to like Miz as a babyface because I genuinely like Miz as a wrestler and a person. I think he is one of the greatest cases of overcoming adversity in WWE history, and I have said that many times in the past.

Watching him go from the idiot on The Real World who ran around the house with a foam WWE title to a guy who worked his ass off to win the real thing was incredible.

It was a journey I felt like I took with him as a fan over the course of the last decade, but now I find it hard to watch Miz, and that makes me sad.

In November, I wrote a piece examining the potential for a Miz babyface turn and why it was a good idea. In this piece, I said Miz would work as a babyface as long as WWE didn't really change him from his current act.

Well, WWE watered him down and now he is a poorly-traced copy of the Miz that once ruled WWE as champion.

Hopefully, Miz is just finding his groove and eventually he goes back to his witty, scathing promos and cocky attitude, but we have to wait and see.


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