Flyers Playoff Special Article Coming Next Week

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IApril 1, 2009

Hey everyone, Chris here. I just wanted to inform everyone that I am still around and I appreciate everyone being patient with my absence lately. I have been putting together the ultimate playoff article for the Flyers upcoming second season.

What I mean is this: I have asked professional personalities such as 610WIP's Glen Macnow, Delaware County Times Beat Writer Anthony SanFilippo, and myself to answer general questions about the team as we head down the final stretch.

What I need from all of you in the B/R Flyers or NHL section to do for me is simple, come up with a question you have and email it to me at It has to be about the Flyers, obviously, and it has to be in regards to the playoffs.

Whether it's goaltending, defense, offensive production, or the possibility of James VanRiemsdyk contributing during the playoffs. Whatever comes to your head, I'll send it to Glen, Anthony, Tim Pannacio, and Wayne Fish.

Please stay close as this article is currently getting worked out. Also, thanks to my co-CL Alan Bass for sending me some questions he has had and contributing.