Arizona Recruit Brandon Jennings Shines in McDonald's All-American Game

Matt CookContributor IMarch 27, 2008

Brandon Jennings may not have been the McDonald's All-American game MVP, but he was definitely the star of the show.

Before the game started, he said that he wanted to beat the assist record of 13.

Not only did he go for the assist record, he made sure every pass had a good amount of flair to it to excite the croud.

He effortlessly executed two off-the-backboard alley-oops along with countless no-look passes in the lane.

Even his hair, in a high top fade style from the '80s 'House Party' fame, caught your eye.

He had good control of the ball, could score when he wanted to (12 points), and looked comfortable in the spotlight without making too many silly mistakes. 

In the end, he came up short of the assist record (9), but still showed Arizona fans how lucky they are to be getting him next year.

With Lute Olsen coming back to coach next year, it should spark emotion in the returning players to step up their games.  And who better than Jennings to facilitate the ball to these fired-up players?

If Jerryd Bayless returns, they will have a proven scorer alongside Jennings for probably the best guard tandem in college basketball. 

Then, if Jordan Hill returns, they will have a threat down low to put on the floor with them. Every team in the nation will have to respect the AZ Big Three.

As defenses focus on the guards and Hill, Arizona's other star recruits PF Emmanuel Negedu and C Jeff Withey will have more opportunities to contribute and grow.  As they get more established in the system, Arizona only will get stronger and more dangerous.

With the Kid 'N' Play lookalike running the point, things will get easier for all of the Wildcats, and they vastly will improve upon this year's sub-.500 record.

And, next year, you might just see Jennings and Arizona dethroning UCLA as Pac-10 champions.