Who Is More Important for Their NFL Defense: Haloti Ngata or Vince Wilfork

Howie LongContributor IIIJanuary 18, 2013

The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots will square off in an AFC Championship Game rematch from last year Sunday.

Most people will think that the winner of this game will be determined by the play of quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Tom Brady, but those people are forgetting that two of the most dominant players on the field will be on the defensive line.

Howie Long sat down with Behind the Mic on Bleacher Report to discuss how Haloti Ngata and Vince Wilfork could be the most important players on the field during the AFC Championship Game.

Haloti Ngata has been playing at less than 100 percent for most of the season, but his size, strength and versatility could help lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl.

Vince Wilfork will probably end up in Canton when his career comes to a close. Until then, he remains once of the most dominant defensive lineman in the NFL. He will be a key to the Patriots' quest for another Super Bowl appearance.

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