Big Update on Dolph Ziggler's Future in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 17, 2013


OK, so Dolph Ziggler rose to prominence in WWE as a cocky, rule-breaking bad guy. It seems like a good role for him. Hey, the guy just positively oozes arrogance no matter what he does. 

His current pairing with Diva A.J. Lee has served to solidify this, with the two serving as a sort of PG version of the famous Edge and Lita couple from the mid '00s.

But is a face turn in his near future? 

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gives an update on Ziggler's future, noting that the company may be on the verge of turning him babyface soon.

Lots of talk regarding Ziggler. As things stand, the reason they are already going to the Ziggler/Langston problems is not because they are looking at turning Langston, but turning Ziggler. Vince has been changing his mind back and forth on Ziggler as a face, but it seems it’s more when and not if. A lot of people in the company, particularly the Heyman disciples who listen to his instincts as gospel, think Ziggler will take off huge as a face when the call is made. The fact Ziggler is already super popular in New York influences Vince.

We shouldn't be too surprised by this. In many respects, the likable Ziggler is a natural face. He has a hard-hitting, highly entertaining in-ring style that delights and enthralls fans the world over. And people appreciate his hard work, as the recent cheers he has been receiving show.

He's good-looking, too, something that will no doubt help with the female crowd (Jeff Hardy and John Cena were also aided on their route to the top by this).

There's also the fact that, as noted, he's currently involved with the crazy and highly unstable A.J. Come on: you know her relationships can never work out. Sooner or later, Ziggler will get tired of her erratic and unreasonable behaviour and those two will be headed for splits-ville. This could serve as a great impetus for a face turn.