Hornets Xavier Henry Launches Pathetic Full-Court Fail, Makes Monty Williams Sad

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Xavier Henry may have just been eager to please his head coach when he enjoyed a rare visit to the court on Tuesday night, but ended up making Monty Williams shake his head in shame. 

Yahoo! Sports reports on the lone play from the New Orleans Hornets' 111-99 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night that will actually have New Orleans fans cringe. 

The play comes at the end of the third quarter, more importantly, at the tail end of a 19-7 run by the Hornets, according to the report. 

So you would imagine the adrenaline was pumping during what would be an easy victory in the heart of the regular season. 

Still, we have ourselves a bizarre shot from the man who is averaging a shade over 12 minutes per game. 

With a few seconds on the clock, Henry turns and fires a fastball that kind of just dies of boredom mid-flight. You can hear the commentators giggle a little and mention that inactivity may be the cause of such deplorable throws. 

There was also the fact Roger Mason Jr. was running in front of him, waiting for a pass that never came. 

In the end, the best part has to be the look on Monty Williams' face—he looks like he wants to run and hide in shame, shake his head and put on a good face of leadership, all in the same glorious moment. 

If you look closely, it also looks like he wants to laugh. 

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