Sheamus and the 10 Best Foreign-Born WWE Superstars Ever

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Sheamus and the 10 Best Foreign-Born WWE Superstars Ever
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Although the WWE is based in the United States and has largely been dominated by American superstars over the years, there is no question that foreign-born wrestlers have played a huge role in the success of the company.

In fact, some of the greatest superstars in WWE history were born outside the United States and exist as gold standards that the current crop of wrestlers aspires to equal. Whether they acted as hated, foreign heels or friendly imports from a faraway land, foreigners have always added a unique flavor to the WWE's product.

For the purpose of making things fair, Canadian wrestlers will not be considered for this list of the greatest foreign-born WWE superstars of all time. The WWE is American based, but Canada is as much a part of the company's history as the United States is and Canadians would certainly occupy this entire list if allowed. That's another list for another time.

Also, wrestlers whose gimmicks touted them as being from a foreign land won't be eligible if they weren't actually born there. For example, Yokozuna was billed as a Japanese sumo wrestler, but he was actually born in San Francisco. Additionally, loopholes such as Kane being born on a U.S. military base in Spain are disqualified from the list, so you won't be seeing The Big Red Monster.

With the ground rules clearly laid out, here are the 10 best foreign-born superstars in the long and illustrious history of the WWE.

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