WWE Royal Rumble 2013: If Dolph Ziggler Doesn't Cash in MITB Here, When Will He?

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIIJanuary 17, 2013

Will Ziggler be the second man with an unsuccessful cash in? Photo by: WWE
Will Ziggler be the second man with an unsuccessful cash in? Photo by: WWE

With Dolph Ziggler taking part in the Royal Rumble match, it seems unlikely that he will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

That poses the question—when will he cash in his briefcase?

Every month since he won, fans have been speculating on when he would. Hell in a Cell. Survivor Series. TLC. Every month, fans were disappointed when they didn’t hear his music.

I believe that Ziggler will cash it in after WrestleMania. There is just too much going on during the Road to WrestleMania and he would be overshadowed by the Rock and CM Punk feud and the returns by Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker.

He could cash in at Extreme Rules in May after the World champion finishes a brutal match and take advantage of the situation. He could also wait until the June pay-per-view, which would force fans who want to see the title change order the PPV replay.

A better way to create more buzz around Ziggler and his briefcase would be for WWE to post a countdown on the website about a month or two before the title shot expires. It would keep Ziggler in the spotlight. It would also keep the champion on edge because Ziggler's time would start to run out and everyone would know that he would need to cash it in soon.

When he cashes it in also depends on who the World champion is at the time. If Alberto Del Rio is the champion after the Royal Rumble event, then Ziggler might cash it in at Elimination Chamber. If Big Show regains the title, then we could be waiting until after WrestleMania for another World title change.

In the end, I predict that Ziggler will cash it in at Extreme Rules. He will wait until the World Heavyweight title match is over and capitalize on a weakened champion. It will be the highlight moment of the pay-per-view just like Lesnar’s first match in eight years was for the event last year.

My second choice would be at the 2013 Money in the Bank event. Having Ziggler wait until the last minute is a route WWE hasn’t gone before with the briefcase. It could be booked that Ziggler is forced to cash it in at the event, even though he isn’t ready, or he'd have to forfeit the title shot. This would give the champion the advantage, which is something rarely seen when the Money in the Bank briefcase is in play.

Regardless, this may be the most anticipated cash-in since its inception. Fans, including myself, are waiting for Ziggler’s first World Heavyweight Championship reign to begin. He’s an exciting talent in the ring and can put on a quality match with pretty much everyone in the WWE.

Ziggler is on the cusp of breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling and a successful cash-in would thrust Ziggler into the main event picture permanently.