WWE Main Event, Jan. 16: The Shield Attack Orton and the Usos Gain Victory

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJanuary 17, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

As the middle of the week arrives, so does WWE Main Event!

WWE’s one-hour program has consistently been delivering since its debut in October and has given those in the WWE Universe that watch it an entertaining show each and every week.

This week, Randy Orton battled with United States champion Antonio Cesaro while WWE’s tag team division got some attention when the Prime Time Players took on the Usos.


Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro

The match ended in a no-contest after the Shield appeared at ringside. Randy Orton and Antonio Cesaro had a very good match here. The action was solid as the two superstars went back and forth for a good chunk of time.

Orton and Cesaro went up against each other last Friday on SmackDown and they had a solid match then, too. I liked this one more, though. It seemed like they were feeling each other out and getting to know one another in the ring on SmackDown, while here, they were using what they learned.

Their first time out was good and the second time was even better!

Cesaro is just so impressive in the ring, and to me, that shows that some of the best talent are in the independent circuit. Look at CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, who are both indy guys. WWE is finally raiding the independent circuit, and the future of WWE is looking great because of it!

As for Orton, I’m just waiting for his heel turn. I have always preferred the Viper as a bad guy, as his monotone voice, in-ring style and intense stare just scream “heel” to me.

Post-match, the Miz jumped into the ring to back up Orton, but unfortunately, the numbers game was still in favor of The Shield. The Miz got hit with an intense spear from Roman Reigns and Orton got hit with the powerbomb again.

The Shield is starting to bore me a bit. It’s the same thing every week with them. I’d like to see them get into the ring for something that isn’t an attack. I fully expect them to be in the Royal Rumble, so that’ll be a nice change of pace.

As the Miz laid there after the attack, Cesaro came in and hit the Neutralizer. This Cesaro/Miz feud just took off in a big way. I doubt they’ll be having a United States Championship match before the Royal Rumble, but one will no doubt be eliminating the other from the Rumble match to set up the one-on-one match.


A Raw Rebound

A recap of the closing moments of the Rock Concert was then shown. It gave the WWE Universe the Rock’s “fact” promo that led into the short brawl between him and CM Punk. The segment, overall, was quite good, but that ending was just great.

Even though the Rock stuck a jab at Paul Heyman in his closing promo, he was serious on the mic. The Rock needs to be more like that. The jokes are funny, but the WWE champion will talk circles around him on the serious side of things if the Rock only sticks to the humor.

At the time, I would have liked to see the brawl last longer than it did, but after I thought about it, it was good that it was broken up. They need to save the fighting for the Royal Rumble.


The Prime Time Players vs. the Usos

With Brad Maddox on commentary, the Usos picked up the victory after the Superfly Splash. The sons of Rikishi and the Prime Time Players had a good match here. It featured some good tag team action, as the teams went back and forth until the end of the show.

This made me really miss the overall tag team division since all we get is Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars over and over again. Those tend to be good matches as well, but a little variety would be nice.

I had almost forgotten how well Titus O’Neil and Darren Young work as a team. They’re barely around anymore, and when they are, they get beaten rather quickly by Kane and Daniel Bryan. I remember a time when they were actually getting pushed, and by time, I mean as recent as the summer months.

I’d like to see them get back to being serious contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Speaking of serious contenders, the Usos should be as well. They have been with WWE since 2010 and have amounted to nothing in the tag team division despite being one of the most talented teams in it.

The Usos are great in the ring and are great with the audience. Why WWE isn't pushing them just baffles me.

As for Maddox on commentary, he was very entertaining. I am intrigued to see where WWE is going with this storyline. He gets beat up by guys like Ryback and Orton, but then he appears in entertaining segments with Paul Heyman and does great on commentary. I feel something big is in store for him.


Final Thoughts

WWE Main Event is a good little show. Since I started finally watching it last week, I hit the Internet to watch the previous shows, and thanks to the power of the Internet, I am caught up on this show! WWE’s Wednesday night event really is great.

While it may only be an hour and feature two matches, the Superstars in the matches make it work perfectly. The wrestlers get 20 minutes or more for their matches and that gives them the time needed to have a solid match.

Throwing a clip from Raw in the middle is a nice move as it helps build that particular storyline up more for anyone that may have missed it.

WWE Main Event is becoming a favorite of mine for sure, and I can’t wait until next week!


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