Playing Fact or Fiction with Early NHL Trade Rumors

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IJanuary 17, 2013

Playing Fact or Fiction with Early NHL Trade Rumors

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    The 2013 NHL season is going to start on Saturday, and teams are already looking at ways to improve their rosters, but how many of these trade rumors involving Roberto Luongo and David Krejci are fact or fiction?

    After the transaction freeze that went into effect in September finally ended, it led to the discussion of various trade rumors, but only a few of these deals could come into fruition. 

    If a rumor is possible of coming into fruition, it will be labeled with fact, and if it is a move that has no chance of occurring, it will be labeled fiction.

    With that in mind, lets play fact or fiction with some of the early NHL trade rumors. 

Roberto Luongo to the Maple Leafs?

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    Fact of Fiction?: Fact

    The Toronto Maple Leafs are an organization that covets a legitimate starting goaltender, and that led to the rumors that the franchise would target Roberto Luongo.

    These rumors are indeed a fact as many different reports have linked Luongo and the Leafs, and some even have said that Brian Burke's dismissal as GM was linked to this potential transaction.

    The Maple Leafs are the best fit for Luongo, and don't be surprised if the maligned Vancouver netminder is sporting a blue and white sweater before April 3, 2013.

Or the Flyers?

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    Fact or Fiction?: Fiction

    This rumor was already debunked by Paul Holmgren but given his history, it isn't always easy to trust him.

    Nonetheless, I call fiction on this rumor because it makes little sense. The Flyers are already committed to Ilya Bryzgalov and his massive contract, so even after a cap hit buyout, it would not make sense for ownership to take on an additionally ludicrous contract.

    At the end of the day, there are plenty of other suitors for Luongo, and the Flyers are not the best fit.

Evander Kane's Days Are Numbered in Winnipeg?

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    Fact or Fiction?: Fiction

    Evander Kane is a young and talented winger for the Winnipeg Jets, and he is a player who has a lot of value. The youngster signed a lucrative and economical contract before the lockout that will pay him $5.25 million a year for the next six seasons.

    Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press penned a column stating that the star's days were numbered in the 'Peg because of his attitude and immaturity.

    Although Lawless wrote that the Jets will not give up on him yet, I have a hard time believing that they will really considered trading him because a 21-year-old had some fun in Vegas.

    Kane is a future 40-goal scorer, and trading him would be a terrible decision.

Jonathan Bernier's Tenure in Los Angeles Coming to a Close?

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    Fact or Fiction?: Fact

    On TSN's NHL 30 preview show that aired in the United States on the NHL Network, hockey insider Bob McKenzie stated that Dave Nonis and the Toronto Maple Leafs were kicking the tires of Los Angeles Kings' goalie Jonathan Bernier.

    Although Bernier may not be headed to Toronto, according to a The Fourth Period report, Bernier should be on his way out of town.

    Kings GM Dean Lombardi has been looking to trade Bernier since the early part of last season, when the young netminder requested to be moved. Bernier, 24, is in the final year of a two-year contract that will see him earn $1.525 million this season, prorated, though his cap hit is $1.25 million. The native of Laval, Quebec, is looking to for a shot at becoming a No. 1 goalie in the NHL, but with Jonathan Quick leading the way in Los Angeles, he'll need to be dealt in order to get a chance. Several teams, including the New Jersey Devils, are believed to have inquired about Bernier's availability.

    It isn't a question at this point of whether or not Bernier will be traded, but where will he be traded?

Will the Boston Bruins Trade David Krejci?

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    Fact or Fiction?: Fact

    The rumors of David Krejci have re-emerged, and the Bruins' center is trying to shake them off. However, this is a move that the Bruins should consider, and I think it will happen.

    With Patrice Bergeron and Tyler Seguin capable of providing a nice 1-2 punch at center, the Bruins should dangle Krejci for another defenseman to add depth to the back-end, or a scoring winger to fit in with the aforementioned centers.

    At the start of the 2013-14 season, Krejci has a NTC clause that will become active.

    If Krejci is on the market, expect the team to try and acquire someone like Keith Yandle—same salary and would address Phoenix's need of a No. 1 center— or Bobby Ryan because acquiring Krejci would add much needed depth at center.

    There are no guarantees that Ryan would be available, but Yandle would be a nice addition for the Bruins.

Will the Anaheim Ducks Trade Getzlaf or Perry If a Deal Is Not Reached?

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    Fact or Fiction?: Fact

    It has been reported that the Anaheim Ducks are already trying to lock up Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry before they hit free agency in July, and if a deal is not reached before the trade deadline, will one of them be traded?

    The Canadian Press broke down the situation that the two stars are currently in, and if the sides are unable to reach a deal, I believe that one of the two will be traded.

    With Travis Zajac's new contract of $5.75 million a year, Getzlaf is in for a big raise that could enter the $6.5 to $7.0 million range.

    Many teams will covet the two stars if they hit free agency, and it may benefit the Ducks more to trade one instead of keeping both.

    Although Murray will try hard to retain both, the asking price of these two players may be too much in actual salary, although the team will have salary cap room as the Ducks operated at the fourth largest NHL loss in 2011-12.

Will Jarome Iginla Finally Be Traded?

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    Fact or Fiction?:Fact

    Although Calgary Flames' GM Jay Feaster has no plans to trade Jarome Iginla, and Iginla himself wants to remain with the franchise, it is hard to believe that he will turn down an opportunity to compete for a Stanley Cup.

    What is Iginla expected to say on the first day of training camp? At the beginning of the season he has to remain optimistic and say the right things, but if the Flames are not in contention in late March, he could be headed out of town.

    Iginla came close in 2003-04, but he hasn't been that close to another Stanley Cup since.

    As an upcoming UFA, Iginla could request a trade to a Cup contender, and re-sign with Calgary during free agency if he wanted to return to the franchise.

    As an individual that has served the franchise honorably and faithfully, he deserves the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup and if Calgary does not offer that, the captain should feel no shame requesting a trade.