WWE Superstars Who Have Been Miscast

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2013

WWE is a universe that pits an ensemble cast of characters against one another in a never-ending struggle for power. 

But what happens when certain characters just don’t seem to be the right fit?  The recent babyface turns of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio almost overnight has not occurred without growing pains. 

The Miz once reigned the wrestling world as a WWE champion while milking his unlikeable qualities as a former reality TV star.  Meanhwile, Alberto Del Rio was a ready-made heel, fully equipped with an aristocratic gimmick. 

Last week on Raw, CM Punk poignantly mentioned the injustice of a “400-pound monster” like Brodus Clay being made to “shuck and jive” for the younger members of the WWE Universe. 

Certain superstars appear to have fallen into certain categories based on the eyeball test.  But in some cases, the WWE has opted to go in another direction.  Is it for shock value?  To freshen up stale acts?  Or is the WWE just stuck in a creative rut? 

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