Debate: Which DE Will Have a Bigger Impact on Sunday, Smith or Abraham?

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Debate: Which DE Will Have a Bigger Impact on Sunday, Smith or Abraham?
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The Niners and Falcons both have injuries to their key DEs, who will have the better game?


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Justin Smith by a landslide. We've seen the Niners D with and without Smith. With him they are as billed, dominant and stifling. We saw the Niners ...
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Justin smith has a bigger game by far. He will continue to collapse the pocket while Abraham has a bum ankle and watching him try to chase down kaep s...
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I don't know if u know this but the falcons had Abe in the first half. We gave up 0 points, we lost Abe for the 2nd half. We gave up 28. I'm thinkin A...
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Since both guys have injuries neither will be 100% but you have to look at the fact that the 49ers have the best O-Line in football and the falcons......
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Statistics wise... John Abraham Impacts players around him... Justin Smith The Cowboy plays a huge factor in freeing up lanes for the linebackers t...
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