Johnny Manziel Sits Courtside with Model Girlfriend, Still Living Large

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 16, 2013

Life is good for Johnny Football, who took in the highlight-filled NBA game while chilling courtside with his model girlfriend, Sarah Savage. 

Consider him the wholesome Rob Gronkowski, as Manziel also lives large but keeps his antics to a tolerable level. 

At least, that's how things have gone in his first year at Texas A&M, one in which he took home the Heisman Trophy, the first time it was ever awarded to a freshman. 

Big Lead has this screen grab of Manziel and fellow Texas A&M student Sarah Savage, who has a background in modeling and is represented by the Julie Freeman Agency, via the Daily Mail

The two were at Tuesday night's game in Houston to see a pair of the most electric teams this season, the Rockets and Clippers. 

In the end, the hometown Rockets dropped the game to the Clippers 117-109, but it's Manziel who keeps winning. 

This isn't the first foray for Manziel into the expensive seats. He was present courtside when the Mavericks took on the Heat, sparking a bit of controversy from Steve Kerr, who questioned how a student could afford those seats. 

Manziel would later say they were a birthday present to himself, and we are perfectly fine with that. We are also fine with the biggest college football star enjoying a little bit of luxury after a rigorous but successful season. 

Among his more notable exploits, Manziel posted a picture of some winnings he took in at an Oklahoma casino in early January, only to delete them after some fan vitriol. 

More recently, a Texas A&M official got in touch with the star QB to remind him what it meant to be a Heisman winner, a responsibility as much as an accolade. 

We think Manziel gets that and is just taking in the sights and sounds of this amazing ride. 

It's very good to be Johnny Football. 

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