Philadelphia Eagles Hire Chip Kelly: What It Means for the Eagles

Giancarlo Ferrari-KingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles Hire Chip Kelly: What It Means for the Eagles

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    In an shocking turn of events, reports have surfaced (via Chris Mortensen of ESPN) that Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly will leave the school to become the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

    On the heels of this monumental news, what better time than now to break down five ways the Eagles will change in 2013?

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A High-Flying Eagles Offense

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    This past year the NFL has become a league of pacing. From the New England Patriots' unrelenting no-huddle offense, to the read-option of the Washington Redskins, our beloved league has changed.

    Under Chip Kelly's reign, the Oregon Ducks were a dynamically paced offensive juggernaut. Catching defenses out of position and off-balance was a crucial element to their tremendous success.

    While we don't know how Chip will implement his spread scheme in Eagle land, we do know that he will adjust to the changing NFL landscape.

    Utilizing the speed and skill players he has on the roster, look for the Eagles offense to take major strides in 2013.

The Rebirth of LeSean McCoy

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    Coming off a tremendously disappointing 2012 campaign, Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy is now poised for a rebirth of sorts.

    The shifty, diverse McCoy should become a focal point for Chip Kelly's brand of fast-paced offense.

    Look for a ton of plays to be designed around Shady that will let him do what he does best: make people miss in open space.

    Outside of excited Eagles fans, you have to believe fantasy football owners across the globe are drooling over the prospect of seeing Shady McCoy get touches in a Chip Kelly system.

Will Michael Vick Stay?

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    It was all but a foregone conclusion that Michael Vick would be a goner in the next couple of weeks. But with Chip headed to town we may have all witnessed the biggest Hail Mary pass in Mike Vick's complicated NFL career.

    If you've watched any Chip Kelly football during his time at Oregon, you know he loves himself a dynamic quarterback who can beat defenses down with his arm, as well as his legs.

    Even at 32 years old, Mike Vick still possesses the athletic skill and quarterbacking abilities to run a Chip Kelly scheme to perfection.

    The question now comes down to how much Chip's offense will adjust for the pro game, and do the Eagles want to keep Vick in town?

    His monster contract and poor play this season no doubt will factor into that decision.

The Art of Aggression

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    Outside of the tempo change on the offensive side of the ball, the Eagles defense could see a total makeover in 2013 under Kelly.

    Look, if you want your ball club to be dynamic in all facets of the game, you need to apply a general philosophy. Kelly may very well come into Philadelphia and demand speed and aggression to get the most out of what was a lackluster defense in 2012.

    Pressure, tempo and more pressure. This Eagles team will utilize their speed to wreak havoc for opposing offenses all season long.

Lights, Camera, Action

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    More than anything else, what hiring Chip Kelly means for the Philadelphia Eagles is they now have the media coverage they need to sell tickets and generate excitement.

    Within a minute of this story breaking on Twitter, the Internet underwent a meltdown.

    Forget the playoffs, RG3's knee, Tony Romo or even the New York Giants. Why? Because the NFC East now belongs to the Eagles (at least in the eyes of the media).

    Get excited, Philly fans, because Chip Kelly has arrived.