5 WWE Superstars Who Are Miscast in Their Current Roles as Babyfaces

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5 WWE Superstars Who Are Miscast in Their Current Roles as Babyfaces
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As easy as it is to complain about the WWE misusing its talent, there is no question that the creative team has done a much better job as of late in the regard. Even so, there are always going to be some superstars on the roster who would be better off in a different role.

There are some fans out there who seem to want everyone on the roster to turn heel, and that can admittedly be annoying. There is a case to be made for some superstars to join the dark side, however. Perhaps that would necessitate some other guys on the roster turning face, but the main goal should be to put everyone in the proper position to succeed.

Everyone on this list has proven to be an effective heel at some point in the past, and it makes plenty of sense to go back to what once worked rather than sticking with something that is floundering. Face depth on the WWE roster is a problem right now, so it would necessarily be sensible to make wholesale changes, but it would be nice to see most or all of these guys converted to heel status at some point over the next year.

Here are the top five WWE superstars who are currently miscast in a babyface role and would be far better utilized as heels.

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