5 Things Kansas City Chiefs Fans Should Expect from Andy Reid

Tylor@@getwhithamContributor IIIJanuary 16, 2013

5 Things Kansas City Chiefs Fans Should Expect from Andy Reid

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    What does Andy Reid mean for the future of the Kansas City Chiefs? It is the big question most Chiefs fans are asking themselves as the initial jubilation of the hire wears off.

    Many would argue that Reid’s resume (Pro-Football-Reference.com) speaks for itself. It certainly was the most impressive of all the experienced head coaches on the market. Critics will point to Reid’s more recent failures as reason for skepticism. Indeed, the Philadelphia Eagles were 12-20 the past two seasons, despite a plethora of talent on both sides of the ball.

    So who is Andy Reid? And more importantly, what can Chiefs fans expect from him?

5. Andy Reid Will Underuse Jamaal Charles

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    One of the biggest criticisms of Andy Reid is that he does not run the ball enough. This is one example of a stereotype being true.

    During the last two years, the Philadelphia Eagles have ranked 15th and 12th, respectively, in rushing attempts, despite having LeSean McCoy (one of the best running backs in the NFL). During those two seasons the Eagles ranked fifth both times in rushing yardage.

    It appears that, despite Reid’s hesitancy to run the ball, the Eagles were very good at it. This should be worrisome to Chiefs fans who realize that Charles is, by far, their best offensive weapon.

    On the bright side, Charles will likely see more passes thrown his way out of the backfield. Former Eagles running backs LeSean McCoy and Brian Westbrook often paced other running backs in receiving and were feared pass-catchers. Still, if the Chiefs rank only 15th in rushing next season, then they will be leaving points on the table.

4. Andy Reid Will Improve the Quarterback Play

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    If there is one reason that the Andy Reid hire is perfect for Kansas City, it is his track record with quarterbacks. He drafted Donovan McNabb out of Syracuse and saw him become one of the top quarterbacks of all time and a possible Hall of Famer.

    Beyond that, he made Kevin Kolb look competent enough that Arizona traded for him and overpaid him. He helped Nick Foles out to a promising start, and perhaps most impressively, he coached Michael Vick into a more complete quarterback than he had ever been…after Vick had spent extended time in prison!

    Of course, the quarterback position was bound to improve. Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn were abysmal last year. Whichever young quarterback whom Reid takes—be in Geno Smith, Mike Glennon, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley, Tyler Bray or someone else—should have some success right away.

    They certainly will get plenty of chances since no Reid offense since 2004 has ranked lower than 13th against the pass. Given Reid’s track record, there is no reason to doubt him at quarterback. And if he is wrong, it will be another long season in Kansas City.

3. Andy Reid Will Flat-out Get Outcoached Sometimes

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    Andy Reid has won many games and had a lot of success, but often struggles in key situations. This point was the center of a heated debate recently when Jeremiah Trotter pointed out how Reid was outcoached in many big games.

    Reid’s clock management skills are a constant joke amongst NFL pundits. He also struggles in short-yardage situations due to his insistence on passing the ball.

    Finally, Reid’s challenge with timing and success are just another question mark. While he is likely to prepare his teams well and win many games before they are played, he will cost the Chiefs some games with his poor game-day calls.

2. Andy Reid Will Turn the Chiefs Around Quickly

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    It only took Andy Reid until his second season to take the Philadelphia Eagles back to the playoffs. Armed with his new rookie quarterback—Donavan McNabb—the Eagles stormed to an 11-5 record that season.

    The Kansas City Chiefs appear to be in a good situation for a quick turnaround as well. The team has five Pro Bowlers in Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Dustin Colquitt and Eric Berry. They even had two alternates named to the game—Justin Houston and Brandon Flowers. The team also has talented players like Dwayne Bowe and Branden Albert as well.

    If Reid can live up to his quarterback-guru reputation, he’ll have a potent offense to go along with his talented defense. If that happens, the Chiefs might find themselves in the playoffs as early as next season.

1. Andy Reid Will Win a Playoff Game

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    If this does not happen, then the Andy Reid hire will have been a failure. Luckily Reid has more playoff wins than the Chiefs do in franchise history. The wins have piled up (10) for the coach with seven division titles and an NFC Championship.

    The Chiefs last won a playoff game when Joe Montana was quarterback. In all likelihood, the quarterback drafted this season will be the next Chiefs quarterback to win a playoff game. That is what Kansas City Chiefs fans SHOULD expect from Andy Reid.