Dear Arsene Wenger: What's Your Plan for Arsenal?

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Dear Arsene Wenger: What's Your Plan for Arsenal?
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Dear Mr. Wenger,

I love you. I really do. 

But why are you treating Gooners everywhere like this? Why are you keeping them suspended in mystery and miserable uncertainty? 

Why haven't you bought any fresh blood during the current transfer window? Why is January half over without any whispers of a new signing?

Why have you weakened Arsenal so much over the past several years by selling away your best players to the point where the club is struggling to keep fourth place in sight?

I guess the most important question would be this: What is your plan for Arsenal?

Why aren't you listening to the thousands of fans screaming for something to happen? You could consider this cruel, Mr. Wenger. Keeping your own fans in such darkness is like subjecting them to Chinese water torture. Or making us all listen to "Friday" by Rebecca Black on repeat.

Please stop. Make us happy. That's all I ask of you.

Shouldn't you focus on strengthening the team instead of playing the same guys every single week? Have you not noticed that Arsenal is struggling, most notably in Sunday's 2-0 loss to Manchester City?

What would you like to see Arsene Wenger do the most?

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Is it necessary to bleat about only buying quality players? Of course that's what you should do. That's what we expect from our club. But then again, you brought in Gervinho, Andre Santos and Park Chu-Young. So I can't completely trust what you say.

Why do keep defending the highest ticket prices in the English Premier League if Arsenal is so far away from competing for the title? Shouldn't prices reflect the product on the field?

Mr. Wenger, I just want to hear you acknowledge something is wrong. I want to see some panic from you. I want to see you do whatever you can do in your power to keep Arsenal from missing the Champions League. I want to see your truly human side.

As a fan, I don't care about the club making a profit. You shouldn't, either. 

I love you, Mr. Wenger. You're still the right person to lead Arsenal. But each passing day without a new signing, and every new loss, are making me and the rest of the Gooners out there increasingly frustrated. 

Just make something positive happen. Please?


A Hopeful Gooner

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